Difference Between Health and Wealth

Health and Wealth are two words that are considered very important for the survival of humanity. Health is Wealth goes a saying. It is indeed true. Health is looked upon as wealth. Wealth on the other hand results in happiness that in turn results in good health. Hence both are inter-related to a great extent.

The word ‘health’ is used in connection with many other words as mental health, physical health, family health, general health and the like. On the other hand the word ‘wealth’ is mainly used in the sense of monetary abundance. Wealth means money. In the figurative sense the word ‘wealth’ is used in various other expressions such as ‘literary wealth’, ‘monetary wealth’, ‘wealth of information’, ‘wealth of knowledge’ and the like.

The word ‘wealth’ is more often used in figurative expressions than the word ‘health’. It is important to look after both of them with great attention. Health has to be safeguarded with attention and care. Wealth too has to be safeguarded with care and attention.

Wealth if spent gets lost and on the other hand health if left uncared perishes. Wealth gets accumulated by hard work and perseverance. On the other hand health gets accumulated by discipline and cleanliness. Hygiene contributes to health whereas earnings contribute to wealth.

One of the greatest differences between health and wealth is that wealth can be stolen and robbed. Hence wealth needs to be protected in banks and safes against robbery. Health need not be protected against robbery. It is always within you and you can look after it or spoil it depending upon the principles you uphold and discipline you follow.

Too much of wealth may not provide the security and the happiness you may need. On the other hand very good health is certain to provide the security and the happiness you are looking for.