Difference Between Hematoma and Contusion (With Table)

The human body consists of several bodies organs. Sometimes when these organs face trauma or injury, they go through some changes. These changes are physical as well as mental changes. When a body part gets injured, a human being may lose that body part forever, or it may get injured severely. There are several types of injuries that can take place with a human body and its organs. These injuries may cause bleeding, cuts, wounds, stitches and sometimes, a person may also have to undergo an operation or surgery. However, some injuries can also be healed by doing some medications. Two of such injuries are 1. Hematoma and 2. Contusion. 

Hematoma vs Contusion 

The main difference between hematoma and a contusion is that hematoma is caused when the tissue that is present below the skin is damaged, and the blood gets accumulated in a certain area, and the damage done to the skin is severe, on the other hand, a contusion is a comparatively less severe bruise that takes place where capillaries, tissues and blood vessels are damaged.

Whenever a human being suffers from an injury, he or she damages their blood vessels which result in the blood entering the tissues that are surrounding these blood vessels. This kind of injury is known as a hematoma. The bruises are purple, and they are often found under nails, skin etc. There are several types of hematoma as well. 

A contusion is a type of hematoma, too, as the blood enters the surrounding areas from the blood vessels. A contusion is a less severe version of a hematoma. Contusions can affect any part of the body, but when a contusion takes place, the soft tissues and bones get affected. 

Comparison Table Between Hematoma and Contusion

Parameters Of Comparison




The symptoms are different for different types of hematoma. If a person experiences a hematoma on the brain then he or she can experience headaches, nauseating feelings, confusion and difficulty in speaking.

The symptoms are different for different types of contusion. The muscles around the affected area become hard, sore and swollen. They become red and/ or purple after the injury.



Comparatively Less


The blood is pooled outside the blood vessels due to facing severe trauma on the affected area.

The blood is accumulated outside the blood vessels due to minor traumas and injuries.


It is comparatively difficult to diagnose a hematoma.

It is comparatively easier to diagnose a contusion.


The treatment varies depending on the severity of the hematoma. Some people undergo operations and surgeries.

The treatment includes rest, medications, applying ice etc.

What is Hematoma?

A hematoma is a type of serious injury that affects a certain body part of the human body. Whenever a hematoma is caused, the affected region gets swollen, and the blood under the skin of the affected area accumulates or clots. It is comparatively difficult to cope with hematoma as the damage caused is more.

Various treatments are suggested and provided depending on the affected area of hematoma. Sometimes the medical health experts suggest undergoing surgery and/ or operations if the pain does not decrease with the help of medications and basic treatments. There are higher chances that a patient has to undergo surgery as hematoma is more severe than many other injuries.

A body part in the human body is more likely to experience hematoma if that organ has undergone surgery and/ or operations before. If a patient is taking medicines like aspirin, prasugrel, warfarin etc., then he or she is more likely to experience hematoma because these medications make the blood thinner.

A person who has disorders like HIV, Hepatitis C, parvovirus, low blood platelet count, deficiency of vitamin D, alcohol addiction then he or she is more likely to experience a hematoma. The blood discolours when the organ undergoes hematoma, which further causes extreme pain and swelling.

What is Contusion?

A contusion is also a type of bruise or an injury that results in the clotting or accumulation of blood. It takes place whenever the tissues under the skin of the affected organ are damaged. A contusion is the less severe form of hematoma. It can be treated and healed with the help of homemade remedies as well.

There are several types of bones and tissues that are present under the sin of a human being through their body. These tissues experience damage when a person is injured, or a specific body organ experiences trauma. Depending on the severity of the bruise and the body part that is affected, medications and treatments are suggested.

The contusion that takes place on the bone of the human being that is present near any part of their body is known as the bone contusion. Whenever tissue is affected, the neighbouring blood vessels like capillaries and veins are damaged too, which further results in the leaking of blood. A bone contusion is difficult to diagnose.

Soft tissue confusion takes comparatively lesser time to heal than bone confusion. Many medical health experts suggest practising therapies at home if the contusion is not severe. At such times healing is completed only by taking enough rest. Sometimes doctors also suggest the patients apply ice on the affected area and perform some exercises.

Main Differences Between Hematoma and Contusion

  1. A hematoma is a more severe type of contusion. On the other hand, a contusion is less severe and causes less trauma.
  2. A hematoma takes comparatively more time to heal. On the other hand, a contusion takes comparatively less time to heal.
  3. A contusion is healed by practising home remedies. On the other hand, some types of contusion can be healed by practising home remedies, while some of the types of contusion require surgeries and/or operations.
  4. A contusion is a less severe type of hematoma. On the other hand, a hematoma is a separate type of injury.
  5. Diagnosing hematoma is comparatively more difficult than diagnosing a contusion.


Both hematoma and contusion can be treated and healed by following the correct treatments. Doctors suggest home remedies sometimes when the bruise is less severe. If the wound is severe, then a patient has to undergo surgery. During such times, doctors try to heal the bruise by medications first and even if the bruise does not heal, then further procedures are considered.


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