Difference Between Hepatitis B and C

Hepatitis B vs C

Hepatitis B is the disease in which the inflammation of liver takes place. The cause of Hepatitis B is the attack of HBV, Hepatitis B Virus. The most possible reasons of Hepatitis B is that the infection can move from one person to another one through the passage of blood, vaginal fluids and semen or different types of fluids that belong to a person who has already been infected by Hepatitis B infection. Infection has been commonly considered to be spreading due to Transfusion of Blood, Having Sex with infected person, Tattooing with infected needles as well as due to sharing personal items like razors, toothbrushes etc. Hepatitis B also can transfer from an infected mother to her baby during birth.

Hepatitis C is another disease of the Hepatitis medical family. The Hepatitis C is caused due to the result of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV). Hepatitis C infection is spread through people having dialysis of kidneys. It can also transfer from one person to another if a person has contact with blood at work such as health care professionals, unprotected sex is another cause and sharing needles of injections with some infected person can result in suffering from hepatitis C. Other factors include sharing items such as tattoo instruments and receiving blood from donors who have been suffering from hepatitis C.

What is the difference between Hepatitis B and C?

Hepatitis B and C are having most of the symptoms that are similar to each other. Most popular of these symptoms include short periods of mild flu which might be accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea. Loss of appetite and weight has also been reported to be a symptom of these diseases. Hepatitis B is spread through functions involving body parts such as oral sex or having sexual intercourse with different partners or infected partners. On the other hand Hepatitis C is spread through bloods during the sexual intercourse. Blood transfusions are another cause of spreading Hepatitis C in different countries where blood is not screened properly. Other reasons are the sharing of injection needs and needles that are used to make tattoos or for the piercing purposes.  Hepatitis B is tested by a specialist and treats it through medication only if the disease is serious. However, it seldom happens that patient of Hepatitis B is severe. Hepatitis C is a severe disease and needs many expenses for the sake of diagnosis and medication of the patient. These tests and treatments are much expensive than Hepatitis B. HBV has not been thought to be spreading through insects or coughing, kissing on cheeks, hugging, breast feeding or sharing food or drink or other utensils that are involved in eating. The risks of suffering from chronic infections are higher in small children as compared to adults. Treatment of hepatitis B is important as not undergoing treatment can result in failure of liver which can cause death. Hepatitis B can be prevented through vaccination. Hepatitis C is transmitted from one person to another in the same way as Hepatitis B. However, Hepatitis C is not having any kind of vaccine unlike Hepatitis B.