Difference Between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are sort of new terms that are being increasingly used in the current medical practice. However, the basic idea was used in the past centuries, but now a therapeutic value has been added on to it. As their names suggest, hypnosis is a state of mind while hypnotherapy is a therapeutic modality in which the hypnosis is used. Do not confuse these two terms ; they are different. This article emphasizes on the differences between hypnosis and hypnotherapy, which would help people to understand what hypnosis is and what hypnotherapy is.


As mentioned above, hypnosis is a state of consciousness where the mind is deeply relaxed, opened and are receptive to new suggestions. With this deep relaxation, the attention is narrowed down, so that concentration is more, which would be appropriate to consider the suggestions given by the therapist.

Here, the mind is in a state in between consciousness and sleep where the person will do whatever things according to the intuition rather than intelligence. What the person is doing is, what the inner voice tells him/her, and the mind usually loses control of body behavior.

There are advantages of hypnosis. It can be used just to be in the state of deep relaxation, feel calm and pleasant, or as a therapy to change the unwanted behaviors. The hypnotist convinces the unconscious relaxed mind by new suggestions such as to quite from cigarette smoking and to quite from alcohol.

It has been found that it has negative influences in some people as they have suffered from emotional problems after being in the stage of hypnosis.


Hypnotherapy as its name suggests is a treatment modality of using hypnosis. Hypnotherapy has been used to send messages to the unconscious mind to find out a solution to a particular problem. It is a form of psychotherapy where the patient and the hypnotherapist use hypnosis, to find out the false believes in the patient’s mind and rework on them, so that the patient can move forward. It is always under control, and the patient is not supposed to do anything.

There are several advantages of hypnotherapy. It is used to cure illnesses as well as to create positive attitudes in the person’s mind. Uses of hypnotherapy include in physical, emotional, and psychological disorders, to relieve post operative pain, and minimize labor pain by reducing the delivery stage of labour.

Remember hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medicine but a complimentary to it. It has been widely used to general relaxation, to cope with Stress, medical or emotional concerns, endure medical procedures when medication is contraindicated and for general well being. 


What is the difference between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

1. Hypnosis is a state of mind while hypnotherapy is a therapeutic modality in which the hypnosis is used.

2. Hypnosis comprised Deep relaxation, narrowed attention and increased suggestibility while hypnotherapy is to find out the false believes in the patient’s mind and rework on them so that the patient can move forward.

3. Hypnotherapy can be used for remedial purpose since it can change people a lot.

4. Both have several advantages as well as disadvantages.