Difference Between ibeats and Tour

If you are a music lover, there is nothing better than really high class earphones to enjoy pure music uninterrupted. Though there are many earphones available in the market that provide good value for money, two earphones that are creating a lot of buzz these days are Monster’s iBeats and Tour from Dr. Dre. Of course Dr. Dre has got to do nothing with these earphones but products sell crazy when a famous celebrity endorses them, right? iBeats and Tour are slightly expensive earphones and both are high quality but this article is meant to find out differences between them to enable music lovers to choose a pair that suits their requirements.


Tour was launched way back in 2008, and the fact that they are still loved by music lovers is a testimonial to the high quality maintained by the company. Tour is an ultra light earphone set that sports Monster’s signature red and black designing. It uses the newly developed In-Ear technology. The set is priced from 126.50 to $150 which is enough to raise a few eyebrows but the sound output is amazing and those who have been using these earphones have nothing to sing praises for this amazing gadget. The primary feature that attracts people is the tangle free cable. The earphones are damn good looking and nice to sport when you are among your friends. Though audio output is great, the ear buds are too long and do not fit in easily. One feels they would come out any moment which is a bit disappointing.


ibeats headphones are so high performing; you would feel as if you have speakers fit right inside your ears. They also sport the new technology that is In-Ear speakers that feel like the singer is sitting inside and you get to hear vocals that are just outlandish. The highs and lows are crisp and clear with a deep bass without any distortion. These headphones are just right for long music sessions and the user is very comfortable all the time. Ear cups fit in snugly and the headband is comfortable that does not put any stress on the head. These earphones are available from $81.50 to $119.

Difference Between iBeats and Tour

• iBeats has ear cups that fit in more snugly than Tour

• Tour has a better audio output than iBeats

• iBeats is cheaper than Tour