Difference Between iOS 5 and iOS 4.3.3

iOS 5 vs iOS 4.3.3 | Apple iOS 4.3.3 vs iOS 5 Features and Performance | iOS 4.3.4 updated

iOS 4.3.3 is the last version upgrade to Apple’s OS for iOS devices. The new version is iOS 5, which was unveiled at the Apple’s WWDC 2011 in San Francisco on 6 June 2011. Though iOS 4.3.3 has more features compared to iOS 4.2.1, it was not the next generation iOS what the users were expecting. iOS 5 is the next generation OS from Apple.  iOS 5 has more than 1500 APIs and more than 200 new features. It is released to the developers on the same day of unveiling and available for end users by the fall of 2011.

iOS 5

iOS is the latest Apple OS version announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011 in San Francisco on 6th June 2011. The new operating system includes over 1500 APIs and more than 200 new features, out of which 10 most important features were demonstrated at the conference. They are the Notification Center, iMessage, Newsstand, Reminders, Twitter integration, enhanced Camera features, enhanced Photo features, improved Safari browser, PC free activation to iOS devices and new Game Center features. The other features include TV mirroring, Wi-Fi sync to iTunes, iCloud sync, etc. iOS 5 was released to App developers on 6 June 2011 and available for users by end 2011.

The feature that was expected and missing in iOS 5 is the Near Field Communication (NFC). Also, like the previous versions iOS 5 too does not support Adobe Flash Player.

Apple iOS 5

Release: 6 June 2011

New Features and Improvements

1. Notification Center – with the new Notification Centre now you can get all your alerts (including new email, texts, friend requests, etc.) in one place without any interruptions to what you are doing. The swype down notification bar appears briefly at the top of the screen for a new alert and disppears quickly.

– All alerts in one place

– No more interruptions

– Swype down from the top of any screen to enter Notification Center

– Customize to see what you want

– Active lock screen – notifications display in the lock screen for easy access with one swype

2. iMessage – it is a new messaging service

– Send unlimited text messages to iOS devices

– Send text, photos, videos, locations and contacts to any iOS device

– Send group messaging

– Track messages with delivery and read (optional) receipt

– See the other party typing

– Encrypted text message

– Switch between iOS devices while chating

3. Newsstand – read all your news and magazines from one place. Customize Newsstand with your newspaper and magazine subscriptions

– Browse stores right from Newsstand

– When you subscribe it appears in the newsstand

– Folder for easy access to favorite publications

4. Reminders – organize yourself with to-do lists

– To-do list with due date, location etc.

– View list by date

– Set time based or location based reminder alert

– Location reminder: get alert when you near the set location

– Reminders work with iCal, Outlook and iCloud, so that it auto update change to all your iDevices and callendar

5. Twitter integration – system wide integration

Single sign in

– Tweet directly from browser, photo app, camera app, YouTube, Map

– Reply to friend in the contact by start typing name

– Share your location

6. Enhanced Camera features

– Instant access to Camera app: access it right from the lock screen

– Pinch to Zoom gestures

– Single tap focus

– Focus/Exposure locks with touch and hold

– Grid lines ti help compose a shot

– Volume up button to capture the photo

– Photo stream via iCloud to other iDevices

7. Enhanced Photo features – on screen editing and organize in photo album from Photo apps itself

– Edit / Crop photo from Photo apps

– Add photos to album

– iCloud automatically push photos to your other iDevices

8. Improved Safari browser – displays only what you like to read from the web page

– Removes ads and other clutters

– Add to reading list

– Tweet from browser

– Update reading list in all your iDevices via iCloud

– Tabbed browsing

– Performance improvement

9. PC Free activation – no more need for PC: activate your device wirelessly and do more with your Photo and Camara apps right from the screen

– OTA software upgrades

– On screen camera apps

– Do more on screen like on screen photo editing

– Back up and restore via iCloud

10. Enhanced Game Center – more features added

– Post your profile picture

– New friend recommendations

– Find new games right from Games Center

– Get on the spot overall achievement score

11. Wi-Fi Sync – wirelessly sync your iDevice to your Mac or PC vis shared Wi-Fi connection

– Auto sync and iTunes back up when connected to power source

– Purchases from iTunes appear in all your iDevices

12. Enhanced mail features

– Format text

– Create indents in the text of your message

– Drag to rearrange names in the address field

– Flag important messages

– Add/Delete mailbox folders on your device

– Search mails

– Free email account with iCloud that will be updated in all your iDevices

13. Additional Calendar features

– Year/Weekly view

-Tap to create new event

– Drag to edit date and duration

– Add/rename/delete calendars directly from your device

-View attachment right from calendar app

– Calendar sync/share via iCloud

14. Multitasking gestures for iPad 2

Multi finger gestures

– New moves and short cuts like swipe up for multi tasking bar

15. AirPlay Mirroring

– Support for video mirroring

16. Innovative new features for differently abled people

– Work with specialized hardware accessories for differently abled

– LED Flash and custom vibration to indicate incoming call

– Custom element labeling

Compatible Devices:

iPad2, iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPad Touch 3rd and 4th generation

iOS 4.3.3
Apple to overcome the location tracking issue has decided not back up the location database to iTunes and to completely delete the location database when a user turns off the location service. These are incorporated into the new software update. The new version release is iOS 4.3.3. The update include solution for location issue, battery life improvement and iPod bug fixes. All the other features remain the same as in iOS 4.3 and its revisions; iOS 4.3.1 and iOS 4.3.2.

iOS 4.3.3

Release: May 2011

New Improvements and Bug Fixes

1. No back up of the location database to iTunes.

2. The location database size reduced.

3. The location database will be deleted entirely when Location Services are turned off.

4. Battery life improvements.

5. iPod bug fixes.

iOS 4.3.2

iOS 4.3.2 again a minor revision that contains bug fixes and security updates.

Apple iOS 4.3.2

Release: 14 April 2011

1. Fixes an issue that occasionally caused blank or frozen video during a FaceTime call

2. Fixes an issue that prevented some international users from connecting to 3G networks on iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

3. Contains the latest security updates

a. certificate trust policy – blacklisting the fraudulent certificates. This is to protect from an attacker with a privileged network position who may intercept user credentials or other sensitive information.

b. libxslt – protection from possible disclosure of addresses on the heap when a user visits a maliciously crafted website.

c.Fix for Quicklook issue – A memory corruption issue existed in QuickLook’s handling of Microsoft Office files when the user views a maliciously crafted Microsoft Office file.

d. Fix for WebKit issue – Fix for unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution when visiting a maliciously crafted website.

Compatible Devices:

• iPhone 4 (GSM model), iPhone 3GS

• iPad 2, iPad

• iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (3rd generation)

iOS 4.3.1

iOS 4.3.1 is a minor update to iOS 4.3

Apple iOS 4.3.1

Release: 25 March 2011

Improvements and Bug fixes

1. Fixes an occasional graphics glitch on iPod touch (4th generation)

2. Resolves bugs related to activating and connecting to some cellular networks

3. Fixes image flicker when using Apple Digital AV Adapter with some TVs

4. Resolves an issue authenticating with some enterprise web services

Compatible Devices:

• iPhone 4 (GSM model), iPhone 3GS

• iPad 2, iPad

• iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (3rd generation)

Apple iOS 4.3

Apple iOS 4.3 is a major release. It has added some new features and incorporated existing features in iOS 4.2.1 with improvements to some features. Apple iOS 4.3 was released with Apple iPad 2 in March 2011. Apple iOS 4.3 has more features and functionality comparing to Apple iOS 4.2. iTunes Home sharing is a new feature added in Apple iOS 4.3. Improved video streaming and AirPlay support is also introduced in iOS 4.3. Airplay features include additional support for photo slide shows and support for video, audio editing from third party applications and share content in social network. And there is performance improvement in Safari with new nitro JavaScript engine.

Apple iOS 4.3

Release: March 2011

New Features

1. Improvements to Safari Performance with Nitro JavaSript Engine

2. iTunes home sharing – get all iTunes content from anywhere in the house to iPhone, iPad and iPod over shared Wi-Fi. You can play it direct without download or sync

3. AirPlay features improved – stream videos from photo apps direct to HDTV via Apple TV, Auto search Apple TV, Built in slideshow options for photo

4. Support Video, Audio editing Apps in Apps Store such as iMovie

5. Preference for iPad Switch to mute or rotation lock

6. Personal hotspot (iPhone 4 only feature) – you can connect up to 5 devices over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB; up to 3 of those connections over Wi-Fi. Auto switch off to save power when personal hotspot no longer in use.

7. Supports additional multifinger multitouch gestures and swipes. (This feature is not available for users, only for developers for testing)*

8. Parental Control – users can restrict access to some applications.

9. HDMI capability – you can connect to HDTV or any other HDMI device via Apple Digital AV adapter (need to purchase separately) and share 720p HD videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (4th generation only).

10. Push notifications for comments and follow requests and you can Post and Like songs directly from the Now Playing screen.

11. Improvement to message setting – you can set the number of times to repeat an alert.

12. Improvement to call feature – with single tap you can make conference call and pause to send a passcode.

Compatible Devices:

• iPhone 4 (GSM model), iPhone 3GS

• iPad 2, iPad

• iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (3rd generation)