Difference Between Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard and mouse are integral parts of a computer system and one cannot even think of interacting with the computer or monitor with the use of these two devices. In a sense, these two devices are the user interface that allows working on a computer system, and without them it is not possible to do anything on a computer. While the main purpose of a mouse is to guide the cursor on the computer monitor, a keyboard is a typewriter like device with some additional functions that allow human interaction with computer. In fact, a keyboard is the only source of providing the input to the computer and it performs the functions we ask it only with the help of this device.

While mouse is considered to be a pointing device, keyboard is the input device for a computer. Despite touch screen having been developed that allows one to use virtual keyboard onscreen, physical keyboard remains first choice of most of the individuals. There are keys with symbols printed on them in a keyboard and with the lightest of touches; the numeral or alphabet gets written on the screen of the monitor using a keyboard. There are some instructions for which one has to press a key and holding it pressed, another key has to be pressed. There are many shortcuts also used with the help of a keyboard that help save time and effort. Many computer commands are the results of these shortcuts. The major function of a keyboard is when one is using a word processor or a text editor.

A mouse is a pointing device and consists of a right and left clicks with a wheel in between that allows on to scroll up and down on a web page. The major function of a mouse is to control the cursor on the monitor of the screen. Today there are wireless mouse available that work through infrared rays.

In brief:

Keyboard vs Mouse

• Mouse and keyboard are user interface that allow human interaction with a computer

• While a mouse is used as a pointing device controlling the cursor, a keyboard is a input device used to provide input commands and to type in word processors and text editors.