Difference Between Laptop and Monitor (With Table)

Technology has made human life easy. Laptop and monitor are two different things which vary in many aspects. The laptop is an electronic device used for multiple functions, whereas a monitor is for displaying the outputs of a computer. The monitor is a vital part of the computer, but the laptop is an electronic device with many features. 

Laptop vs Monitor                                              

The main difference between laptop and monitor is that laptop is a portable device that works with the help of batteries. On the other hand, a monitor is a component of a device that helps in showing the graphical output produced by the computer or any other device. The laptop and monitor are different devices with different features and working mechanisms.

You can use the laptop for data storage, data transfer, professional work, and personal use. Laptops come with advanced features, which is vital for big organizations. Laptops are travel friendly and come with limited storage. The laptops are available in the market with both basic and advanced features. The display of the laptop is premium quality.

Monitors are not themselves a device but a part of devices. The display interface is shown by the monitor, with the help of components like a mouse. There are many types of monitors one would find in the market. The features of all the monitors would depend on their type and quality. Most of the monitors require power to work effectively.

Comparison Table Between Laptop and Monitor

Parameters of Comparison




Multitasking electronic devices  

The Monitor is a part of the computer


Multiple purposes                    

Helps for communication of humans with computer


To provide personal and professional support to humans

To help humans see data displayed


The Laptop is important for satisfying the advanced requirements of humans

The Monitor is important for the computer to work and communicate with humans


Laptop is mobile        

The monitor is not mobile

What is Laptop?

The laptop is a versatile device with multiple functions. The purpose of the laptop is to make human life comfortable and easy. People can carry laptops and use them anytime. The laptops contain many features for the daily requirements of humans. The laptop is an all-in-one product that comes with fewer external components. For using the laptop, you need a charger.

Laptops are not complex devices like a desktop. Laptops are the advanced form of a computer with less chaos. You can use laptops without a mouse and keyboard. These are the best choices for modern needs and changing society. The processor of a laptop is not powerful as the desktop processor. The storage of the laptop is limited and less than a computer.

The size of the laptop is smaller than the computer. You should not expect laptops to offer replaceable hard drives. Using a laptop is an easy task as you would not have to attach any external components to it. You don’t require any particular place to operate laptops as they can work on your lap. It means you can keep your laptop on your lap to do your work.

There are many types of laptops with advanced features. Nowadays, people would find 2 in 1 laptop for modern requirements.

What is Monitor?

The monitor is not a device but a component of the device. The monitor is an important part of the computer. Without monitors, people would not be able to communicate with the computer. The person needs to use the monitor for receiving data from the computer. The size of the monitor gets measured with the help of diagonals. Many people call monitors screens of the PC.

With the monitor, you can play games and see the data. The images that you see on your monitors get prepared with pixels. You can’t separate the monitors from computers as they are attached to computers. Single damage to the monitor would affect the working mechanism of computers. Computers are not complete without a monitor.

The growing software developments help inventors to improve the digital monitors. Digital monitors come with better features than normal monitors. The computer’s monitor is a single component with many parts. Some of the parts of the monitor are the power button, data connector, button panel, and visualization instrument.

If a single part of the monitor stop working, then the whole monitor would not display any image or data. The different types of monitors may vary in aspect ratio, color space, screen size, and luminance. People can decide the best monitor according to their demands.

Main Differences Between Laptop and Monitor

  1. The laptop is not a part of any device, whereas the monitor serves as an important component of computers.
  2. The laptop doesn’t require any mouse or keyboard for its functioning. On the other hand, a monitor requires a keyboard or mouse for functioning.
  3. You can move a laptop from one place to another place. On the other hand, moving the monitor is tough.
  4. The laptop doesn’t require any external parts to work, whereas the monitor requires various parts for its working mechanism.
  5. The laptop is a multifunctional device, whereas monitors serve limited purposes.


The laptop and monitor both are important for the visualization of data and images. The most important difference between laptops and monitors is that both are different types of electronic products. The laptop refers to an all-in-one device with all the features. On the other hand, the monitor serves the supportive role for a computer with some features.

Without the monitor, the computer would not perform its function. The monitor of a computer is similar to the display of a laptop. The monitor should not be confused with a laptop, as they are not similar. The laptop is more popular than the computer due to its extra features and smooth working mechanism. The monitor is popular but is not versatile.

Both laptop and monitor have their features and functions. The meaning of a laptop is vast as compared to a monitor.


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