Difference Between Laptop and Tablet (With Table)

There is much confusion between laptop and tablet, which one is better, which one we should take. Many people also think they both perform the same function; only the difference is their size.

Laptop vs Tablet

The main difference between laptop and tablet is that tablet has touchscreen display and laptop has physical keyboard for writing text.

The laptop is designed in such a way that the user can easily use it while traveling. It is a laptop computer which is also called a notebook computer. It works on battery, which is why it is easy to transport and conveniently used when the users are in an airplane, train, in office, libraries, and at meetings.

A tablet is basically a mobile device with a touchscreen display and has a rechargeable battery in a single flat screen, which is much thinner than a laptop screen. It is also very easy to carry around as compared to a laptop. It is no different from a typical notebook computer that comes with an LCD screen in which the user can write using a finger or swipe action.


Comparison Table Between Laptop and Tablet (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of Comparison




A laptop is a notebook computer that is designed in such a way that the user can use it easily while traveling.

Tablet is also a notebook computing device, but it is designed in a mobile device that has a touch screen display.


The laptop has a keyboard for writing and scrolling the webpage, and It also has a trackpad mouse in it.

Tablet does have any physical keyboard, but it usually has a touchscreen display. The users can use their fingers to write and scrolling the webpage.

Size and weight

The laptop is thicker and heavy in weight as compared to a typical tablet.

Tablet is easy to carry than a laptop because of their thinner and lesser weight.


Many laptops come with DVD features, but nowadays, it is not a must-have feature.

This application is absent on a tablet.

Easy and flexible

Laptops are very easy and flexible to use, and users who know the computer can comfortably use the laptop and do the work.

Users sometimes find the tablet very hard and difficult to use, especially while writing a document.


A laptop has many features and has wide technology, so the cost of the laptop is higher.

Tablets don’t cost too high as the laptops do.

Battery life

The laptop does not have a longer battery life because it comes with multiple battery cells that a user can detach as well.

Tablet has longer battery life than a laptop because it doesn’t have a higher power consumption of components.


A laptop can be upgraded in terms of hardware device there is certain RAM in the laptop which allow it to upgrade.

Tablet hardware cannot be upgraded; for an upgrade, you need to buy a new one.


What is Laptop?

A laptop is a portable computer with a clamshell; on one side, the alphabetic keyboard faces the lower side opposite the screen. It has an LCD or LED screen, and the clamshell opened up to use a PC. It is easily folded for traveling, and thus it is suitable for mobile use.

The word “lap” of the laptop itself means it was considered to be placed in the user lap. As time passed, laptops are used in various work like in education, playing games, learning computers, web browsing, etc.

It includes all the desktop computer capabilities, counting display screen, speakers, keyboard, data storage, disc drive with an operating system, and memory into a single unit. Today modern computers also have webcams and microphones.

Many laptops included I/O ports and USB ports, which allowed mouse and alphabetical laptops to connected with the laptop. It also provides a wireless networking adapter so that the user does not face problems connecting the wire from the laptop and then using the internet.

What is Tablet?

A tablet computer is a mobile device with a mobile operating device and a touch screen display with a rechargeable battery. It lacks some input and output abilities which other computer have. The modern tablet has features of a smartphone which may not support cellular data network.

The touchscreen display of tablets is operated by a user finger or digital pen instead of a mouse or keyboard, which all typical PC has. It accepts the text and other inputs through a virtual keyboard that appears on the screen, but to make up that tablets can be connected to physical keyboards with USB or Bluetooth.

A tablet is a much lesser weight than a laptop, and while some tablets also provide fold-out keyboards, others like Motorola Xoom and Apple iPad only offer touch screen input. In modern times tablets are designed in a way so that it supports human fingers for work, unlike the earlier time that the user has to use light pens. It supports multi-touch input, which allows a user to perform work with many fingers just like zoom in and out for images.



Although there may be many differences between laptops and tablets, both are portable computers designed to carry it while traveling. Since the size and weight of this are different, we can easily differentiate between two. The laptop poses many more features of computers as compared to a tablet, so we can also differentiate by their work.

lastly tablet is a mixture of mobile and computer both and laptop is a notebook computer which only perform the function of PC. The choice between laptop and the tablet maybe quite difficult for those who do not have much technical work to do however laptop possess many more advantage as compare to tablet if seen for long term perspective.


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