Difference Between Lean and Toned

A healthy, shapely body is undoubtedly any appearance-conscious individual’s dream. While this may be the case, it is not always an easy task. There are many adjectives in use today that describe this ideal body that almost anybody craves for. Lean and toned are two such words that are often used together when describing the ideal physique. However, do they both mean the same thing?

What is Lean?

A lean body would indicate a physique without excessive body fat. It is an aspect of the body that is considered healthy, indicating that the person in question does not have superfluous body fat. Lean does not indicate skinny or thin which in comparison are considered unhealthy aspects of the physique. A lean body is acquired mostly through healthy eating. Exercise too can contribute towards acquiring this effect upon the body. However, it is specified that the ideal body fat percentage for a woman must be 20% while for a man it must be 10%.

What is Toned?

A toned body would indicate a physique of which the strength and firmness have been improved. This can be achieved through constant exercise. In order to tone certain parts of the body, one must practice specific exercises, specified to that part of the body. A toned body shows strength and would not be carrying excessive body fat as any excessive body fat would be gotten rid of by exercising. Low levels of body fat together with muscular development paves way for a well toned body. It is these muscles that need to be toned in order for them to be visible from underneath the skin. However, without body fat, one would not be able to acquire a toned look either since losing body fat excessively would lead to the muscles being diminished as well thereby giving the body a skinny appearance rather than a toned one.

What is the difference between Lean and Toned?

The secret to a healthy body is healthy eating combined with the right amount of exercise. There are many physiques that are in vogue when it comes to deciding upon one’s idea of a perfect body. Lean and toned are two words that are often spoken together when it comes to one’s physique. Nevertheless, what most do not realize is the fact that while both lean and toned are indicators of healthy bodies, they do not necessarily mean the same.

• Although both lean and toned indicate physiques with low body fat, lean and toned are two terms that give out different connotations.

• Lean necessarily means no excessive body fat. Toned mean well defined muscles that can be visibly seen underneath the skin.

• Lean is a quality of the physique that can be obtained through healthy eating and minimal exercise, but for a toned body, one needs to engage in constant and vigorous exercise.

• Lean can be obtained without muscles. To obtain a toned body, one needs to obtain muscles first.

• One can obtain a lean body by losing weight. One cannot lose weight if one needs to obtain a toned body.


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