Difference Between Lexapro and Prozac (Escitalopram and Fluoxetine)

Lexapro and Prozac are antidepressant drugs. These drugs belong to the same drug class known as selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. They show their activity by the same mechanism of action which is by increasing the serotonin level. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which is one of the chemicals responsible for neural signaling in the brain. There are numerous similarities of the two drugs because they both belong to the same drug class. Few differences are also found in terms of price, side effects and response time.


Lexapro is also known by the generic name Escitalopram. This drug is frequently prescribed as an anxiety medicine, depression medicine, and also as OCD and panic disorder medicine. It is effective for a variety of mental health issues. Despite of the fact that it is an effective drug it has the tendency of intensifying the depression feeling in the initial stages. Careful attention should be given to the patient during this stage because self-harming, and suicidal thoughts occur more frequently. The dosage of the medicine should be properly monitored by a qualified doctor and varied, depending on the level of response. The medicine should not be shared with anyone under any circumstances.

This drug is very strong. It is not usually prescribed to people over 65, who are allergic, who are receiving electroconvulsive therapy, diabetic or epileptic. People with a history of suicide attempts, weak heart condition, liver or kidney disease, or even maniac also add up to the same list. Lexapro makes a person dizzy and unbalanced. It is safe to stay away from driving/operating machinery or basically anything that requires alertness. Alcohol consumption should be strictly avoided because it increases side effects. If a woman takes Lexapro during pregnancy, the baby may show withdrawal symptoms after birth. Men have a serious disadvantage if using Lexapro because it causes infertility. During the time one is taking Lexapro, drugs such as antihistamines, antimicrobials, antipsychotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and other anti-depressants etc. should not be taken because they increase side effects and complications.


Prozac is known by the generic name Fluoxetine. It is also a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor. This was the first drug to be discovered from this drug class which was introduced in 1987. The drug is used to treat major depressive disorder, eating disorders, OCD, panic disorder, and many more. When it comes to the restrictions and side effects which are associated with the usage, they are quite similar to Lexapro. Prozac shows additional side effects such as tremors, weakness, insomnia, diarrhea etc.

Lexapro vs Prozac

• Lexapro and Prozac are both antidepressants, but Prozac is used to treat a larger number of conditions than Lexapro.

• Lexapro is expensive than Prozac because it is relatively new to the pharmaceutical industry.

• Lexapro shows full effects sooner than Prozac does.

• Lexapro has fewer side effects than Prozac because Prozac has additional side effects apart from the common side effects both the drugs have.