Difference Between M.Phil. and Ph.D. (With Table)

M.Phil. is different from any other completion of study units and assessments, as it consists of fully an independent project for the students. It includes a significant research portion, under the supervision of a thesis project. An M.Phil. degree is rewarded to a postgraduate student after completing the course work and the submission of one or two years of the major research paper.

Which is the best M.Phil. or PhD.?

M.Phil. is basically an advanced post-graduate course. It consists of taught and a research portion. Its value is higher than a postgraduate degree but it is not equivalent to a Ph.D. A Ph.D. program takes about 3 years to complete whereas an MPhil degree takes 2 years.

Ph.D. is a higher degree than M.Phil. and one might be required to pursue a Ph.D. after M.Phil. as M.Phil. is not the highest degree. So, it does not make much sense to invest 2 years in an M.Phil. degree if someone is going to opt for a Ph.D. again.

Ph.D. is best as it is the highest degree and one can opt for it right after masters program.

What are the subjects in M.Phil?

Following are the subjects in M.Phil:

  1. M.Phil. Commerce
  2. M.Phil. Education
  3. M.Phil. Physical Education
  4. M.Phil. Management
  5. M.Phil. Statistics
  6. M.Phil. Mathematics
  7. M.Phil. Physics
  8. M.Phil. Biotechnology
  9. M.Phil. Chemistry
  10. M.Phil. Computer Science
  11. M.Phil. Geo-Marine Technology
  12. M.Phil. Information Technology
  13. M.Phil. Marine Biotechnology
  14. M.Phil. Coastal Aquaculture
  15. M.Phil. Microbial Technology
  16. M.Phil Zoology
  17. M.Phil. English
  18. M.Phil Physics-Specialization in Renewable Energy Science
  19. M.Phil. History
  20. M.Phil. Sociology
  21. M.Phil. Economics
  22. M.Phil. Communication


At the end of the overall discussion, it is proposed that M. Phil. is considered as a less advanced degree in comparison with the Ph.D. degree.

In M.Phil., the learners read a model research paper and search for the latest advanced researches done on the particular subject to rejuvenate it.

While in Ph.D., the research work prepares for producing something fresh and original creation to the topic, in which they continuously experiment and searching something new under the guidance of experts.


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