Difference Between Male and Female

Male and Female are similar until puberty besides the exterior genitalia apperance.

In human, all of them are principally structured as feminine. The intercourse is set by the intercourse chromosomes. If the intercourse chromosome pair has Y chromosome, the fetus will develop as male youngster. If no Y and intercourse pair is XX composition, the kid will develop as feminine.

Male youngster has testis and feminine has ovaries. In male youngster, the gonad of the male (testis) will come all the way down to the scrotal sac; the feminine gonads will stay contained in the stomach. Until the interval of adolescence (until puberty) the male and feminine youngster might be similar besides the looks of the exterior genitalia. The male youngster has penis with the scrotum. Female has the vagina and uterus.

Throughout puberty the hormones are secreted from the testis and ovary. Female has extra estrogens and progesterone, male has testosterone. Male youngster’s voice pitch reduces at this stage due to the thickening of the vocal cords. The hair will began to develop within the face, axilla and the non-public area. Female’s voice stay similar. However her breast develops and extra fats might be deposited below the pores and skin. She develops hair progress within the arm pit and non-public area. However the hair sample and distribution is totally different. Male has the diamond form hair distribution within the non-public area; his hair will attain the stomach button. In feminine the hair within the non-public area is triangular. Females have extra hair progress in scalp (hair within the head).

From the puberty the physique shapes differ from male and feminine. Typically male physique has extra muscle and robust bones. His hip is slim. However the feminine hip widens to hold the kid. She has fats within the physique and much less muscle energy. These modifications are known as secondary sexual traits.

Female begins the menstrual cycle from the puberty to menopause. She’s going to bleed cyclically.

Male will have the ability to erect the penis and the ejaculation will give the sperm to feminine to fertilize the ova. If the sperm include the chromosome Y the kid might be male if not, the kid might be feminine. So male is the one accountable to supply the male youngster.


Male and feminine are two most important lessons of human in intercourse. Normally they’re similar until puberty besides the exterior look of genitalia. The Hormones which secreted from the gonads are chargeable for the modifications after puberty. The variations primarily designed to breed a toddler.