Difference Between Male and Female Brains

It has been studied and discovered that the male and female brains start to demonstrate changes since the foetal ages. As early as 26 weeks from the fertilization of the sperm and egg, male and female brains demonstrate differences in thickness of the bridge of nerves that connects left and right lobes. However, in addition to that, other structural and functional differences between male and female brains are important to discuss.

Male Brain

Usually, men grow larger than women do, which would suggest them to have a comparatively larger brain. It is true that males have slightly larger brains with more brain cells to maintain their larger structure. The left-brain is prominent compared to right side in males. Moreover, the Inferior-parietal lobule (IPL) of the male brain is large, which is located right above the eye level. In males, the left IPL in particular, is larger than that in the right side, which is an advantage for being brighter in solving mathematical tasks. Men have 6.5% times more grey matter, which is full of active neurons, and males use more of it. The Corpus Callosum, the bridge of nerves to connect the left and right lobes, in males is considerably small. Therefore, the data transfer between left and right hemispheres is slightly slow in males. On the other hand, the hypothalamus is slightly larger in males, which is advantageous for sexual stimulation. However, because of those changes in brain structures, males become logical and mathematically more skilled.

Female Brain

The slightly smaller-sized brain in women does not mean that they are stupid, but in fact, females are speedy in processing information and coming up with sensible conclusions. Their structural changes in brain are hugely responsible for that. The left and right both hemispheres are equal in size and function in females. Additionally, female’s brain has a wider Corpus Callosum, which helps to transfer data between right and left hemispheres faster. Hence, they have better communication between both left and right brains. Additionally, they have a well-developed white matter allow the communication among neurons. The presence of a deep Limbic system makes the female to be more emotional and bonded to a group. The language area, known as Broca and Wernicke, of female brain is considerably larger; those explain the females to be more expressive with an increased linguistic ability. However, IPL in women is smaller therefore; they do not usually have very good skills in solving mathematical problems.

The slight structural differences between male and female brains are important to understand with the respective functional differences.

What is the difference between Male Brain and Female Brain?

– It is 10% larger in males with extra 4% brain cells than in females.

– Males have larger left-brain, whereas females have equal size hemispheres.

– IPL in men is larger, but Corpus Callosum in women is larger.

– Male brain has more grey matter, while female brain has more white matter.

– Hypothalamus in males is slightly larger, which results them in more sexually oriented than many females.

– Females have a deeper Limbic system than in males, which has given them with melting heart feelings.

– Language area of the brain is considerably larger in women than in men.