Difference Between Management and Treatment (With Table)

The terms management and treatment are often interchanged and misused in the medical field. They seem to be the same but differ minutely. Management of a disease is to treat them not only physically, but also giving them mental and emotional care. The treatment of a person is giving him/her the necessary medicines and therapy to cure him biologically.

Management vs Treatment

The main difference between management and treatment is that Management of the disease includes the treatment of the disease and also the cure for the mental health of the diseased. Treatment cares only about the physical aspect of the illness and includes the methods to cure them.

Management in medical terms is not only about treating the diseased but also giving them proper care, emotionally and mentally. It includes addressing them about their cure, personal chats, and all the efforts made for their well-being.

Treatment of a person is the process of giving the individual medicinal care and therapies so that the disease gets cured. This process is given more priority as the health of the person is focused more on this step. Treatment cures/ reduces the illness.


Comparison Table Between Management and Treatment (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of Comparison




Management takes care of the body of the diseased completely. It can include both physical and mental health.

Treatment of a disease is curing the person only with what he/she is diseased.


A management team supports the patients by providing them with necessary assistance even in cost-cutting.

The only support expected from the treatment staff is the betterment of the disease.


The management team consists of different expertise from different branches of medicine.

Treatment staffs consist of only the experts who can cure the illness of the patient.


The diseases which cannot be cured, needs medical management since the condition is prolonged.

There is a cure for most of the disease and this can be achieved by treatment of the disease.


Management is effective than treating the disease, since all the aspects of the disease can be reduced.

Treatment is however less effective when compared to management of a disease since it concentrates only on a single aspect of the disease.


What is Management?

Medical management is the collective effort of many experts for the well- being of a patient. It includes sectors such as IT, finance, and medicine to cure a person. Management of a disease includes treatment of the disease, the cheapest method for acquiring treatment, and making the patient understand the dimensions of the disease.

Management of a disease takes care of pre-treatment measures and post-treatment measures. The patient feels more secured if a medical management pack is given. With the advice given to the individual, he/she can identify the do’s and don’ts and plan his movements accordingly. Even the future methods to avoid the present condition are taught by the management team.

The individuals who can handle medical management are known as patient advocates. They make the patient understand the legal aspects of getting a management pack for their disease. These can also be obtained from organizations and it is the will of the patient to choose one.

Medical management needs a strict planning to execute smoothly. All these need to be clear to the organizers since the patients believe them and invest with them. Medical management is also called as health care management and consists of a group of profession that can recover the diseased effectively.


What is Treatment?

Medical treatment is the assistance provided for the needy to protect themselves against the disease that conquers them. It includes the medications given to them and the physical support provided to them until they get cured. A treatment is required for a defined time, until the disease completely gets cured.

Medical treatment is a pre-defined procedure that is determined by medical professionals after examining the diseased thoroughly. Different kinds of treatments exist for different diseases and there are many specializations required to fix a particular treatment for a certain disease.

Also there are different forms of medical sciences and hence there exist different treatments for the same disease. Medical procedures differ in certain cases, which are considered exceptional. In this case, the usual procedures do not work and specialists have the power to alter treatments.

Treatments are the primary need of a patient, all the other care is considered secondary. The physical assistance one need, when diagnosed with a certain illness, is what medical treatment aims for. Medication is the primary goal of medical treatment and the procedure continues until the curable diseases get completely cured.

Main Differences Between Management and Treatment

  1. Management of a disease consists of numerous factors that take care of all the aspects related to the illness. Medical treatment consists of procedures that can cure the illness alone.
  2. Management of a disease supports the patient by giving him/her all the assistance that includes physical, mental, and emotional care that one needs. Treatment of a disease only concentrates to cure the disease that he/she is diagnosed.
  3. For managing a disease, we need a group of expertise whereas for treating it we only need the specialists who can cure the disease.
  4. For certain prolonged diseases, we need medical management to support the patients. Such cases that cannot be cured by treatments are called conditions. Treatments can cure only diseases and not conditions.
  5. Managing a disease is more effective as it contains all aspects of curing a person. Treating a person is only concentrated on a certain part of the illness that is usually the major one.



Medical management is a collective process that includes treating the diseased, supporting them physically and mentally, and financially. Medical treatment is a more narrow process which is interested only in improving the illness caused by the disease. Both these terms are used in medical sciences for providing better services to the diseased. However, managing a disease is much more effective than treating a disease.


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