Difference Between Manufacturing and Production (With Table)

Without blindly believing the saying one who  search the reason can success in life.

When we think about how much food  products are from, then big industries strike in our mind.  What happened inside those big industries will answer the  question of the difference between manufacturing and production. Questioning yourself only gives the answers and leads you to a greater path. Like many words we confuse the term  manufacture and process though they are the same in verbs but  both have very unique processes in terms. 

People who are in the field of industries must  know about the difference between manufacturing and  production. Then only they know the actual working process  and its reasons.

Manufacturing vs Production

The main difference between manufacturing and production is that manufacturing convert only raw materials and production can convert all type of materials. Manufacturing is something that only transfers  certain types of raw materials into valuable products. For  example, the conversion of limestone into cement. But production is something that creates or provides valuable and helpful products from all types of inputs.  It is not easy to convert things like copy  paste. It needs hard work and many things in the list.

Manufacturing machinery and manual are major things and  we call them essential one. But production won’t depend  on machinery like manufacturing. Comparing both you  get a solid truth of both things. Manufacturing needs many  pre requisite but production is not like that.

The product from  production is just a utility but products from Manufacturing is  hard work of man-machine setup. In simple manufacturing is a process covert work in process into tangible product in nature. in opposite production is something different from manufacturing which uses the utility to give a valuable output with all type of tangible inputs

Comparison Table Between Manufacturing and Production

Parameters of Comparison




It is a process which Convert or create consumption only tangible raw materials
into useful or valuable goods

It is a process which Convert or transfer all type of  inputs into valuable
goods  and services

Concept of terms

It gets the raw  
material from  
somewhere and  convert it into  

The company  
have the  
ownership of raw  materials


Only goods are the output and need more industrial work need here

Both goods and  services are got us  output and need no much work


It needs massive  machinery, manual  and material
set  to produce a  

It doesn’t depend  on any machinery
and only depend on utility.


Not every  production is  coming under  

But every  manufacturing  comes
under the  production

What is Manufacturing?

Manufacturing means the goods are  manufactured only from tangible products. It is a multi-level  process to get the final result. The materials undergo  various levels and tests. 

The small industries are a good example here. The  resources from somewhere are changed into goods by a large  margin. It is simply called large scale production of goods.

The wholesale buyer buys this large amount of goods  from factories and sells them to customers in small quantities.  It is a process of production of goods using massive  machinery manual and various tools. Here biological,  chemical and physical reactions are done to produce the  products. Simply, the process begins with how the product  designed and the usage of materials and selection are  done accordingly. Since it depends mainly on man and  machine power the coordination is the main thing to give  the output. Without that manufacturing is difficult to do.  The process here is quite large and make more  time to get the output. It needs lot of manual work and  machinery work to show the output. Some big  manufacturers are Hindustan, nestle, etc.  Manufacturing needs many prerequisites to satisfy  before starting the process. Or else the output won’t be  effective. 

Goods from manufacturing sold instantly may be later on time. Large scale industries come under this category. In the future the method of Manufacturing changes  with various new technologies which might leads less manual and more machinery dependent work all over manufacturing needs more work to get a crisp output.

What is Production?

Production means for consumption of goods and  services by all types of inputs. The primary function of  productions is addressing efficiency and using the  resources accordingly for products as in need. It is a process of combining various inputs to give or  create a valuable output. Simple production is an act of  creating output of goods and services by combining things. The tangible services are nothing but services of  doctors, employers and lawyers. So, production gives all types  of outputs. Production doesn’t create matter itself but it  is made by the available resources from nature. Both engineering industries and industrial industries come under manufacturing. 

The economists make four different classifications  by means of production.

They are: 

  1. Land
  2. Labour 
  3. Capital 
  4. Entrepreneurship 

Simple production is actively converting the input of all  types into goods as humans want or need. The function behind is simple, that is giving goods by  combining things. Even many factories and industries are available we go with instant output so production give a instant output as how human want. Future technologies can make more innovation in this process to lead more efficient in production.

Main Differences Between Manufacturing and  Production

The main difference between manufacturing and production is manufacturing depend on machinery while production is not depend on machinery instead it is a process of utility.

  1. In Manufacturing the output is tangible but in production  output may in both of tangible and intangible products  
  2. Manufacturing transfers raw materials into goods Production converts input into output. 
  3. Manufacturing machinery and manual is essential. Production may or may not depend on machinery.
  4. The products from manufacturing are must in ready to use  formats and need to be sold as soon as possible. But  production is the process of using    the utility. 
  5. In manufacturing the raw materials are collected from  outside and need time but in its production there is no need  or procurement of raw materials    as I already said that the company owns. 
  6. Based on the technical view, production has a broad spectrum  of scope while manufacturing has limited scope. 
  7. The goods from manufacturing are suitable to use but the  production is the utility of things. 
  8. Men-machine is essential in manufacturing but men are  enough in production.


“Manufacturing is massive and production is simple”

Manufacturing needs massive machinery and things  to give the goods, but production has no connection with  machinery and manual; it simply uses utility.  

In today’s technical world the products before  reaching the outcome need to satisfy all the levels and tests  to score high in marks. Manufacturing is something related  to that. Production leads to some quality on the basis of  utility. Adding that production is only adding quality to  input and giving you a tasteful output while manufacturing  is undoubtedly different from production. So, it is a process  of doing things from scratch. 

Knowing things in depth can make you work  better in your field when compared to your colleges.


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