Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

In a world full of competition where businesses seek to cater to the extensive demands of the audience, there are high degrees of substitution or choices present for the people. In this scenario, businesses need to position themselves in the minds of the people in such a way as to create an immediate brand recall power for themselves. This can be done via logos or ad campaigns, any powerful marketing tool that creates an instant recalling for the audience.


In simple terms, marketing is the procedure by which businesses communicate with the audience. It is an entire process via which businesses seek to research the market, find out what the consumers want and then provide to the consumers as they demand. This process does not end at just providing what the consumers want. There are instances where businesses need to introduce extensions to the already develop products to create a need amongst the consumers. The idea behind this concept is, that the consumer is naïve and businesses need to innovate to survive as competition is tough and many businesses develop a standing for themselves by simply copying their rivals.


Advertising is a tool of marketing that communicates directly to the consumer and provides an overview of a product or a service offered by the business. It creates an attraction for the consumers and brings the product forth to public notice. This can be in the form of print ads in newspapers, advertising through the radio, using television commercials or at the movie theatres, or personal selling or even direct marketing. All are forms of paid marketing services to make the presence known to the general audience. Some advertising techniques also use celebrity endorsements especially if a product is a luxury brand and needs to be associated with the glitz and glamour.

Difference between Marketing and Advertising

A person with little or no understanding of marketing and advertising will definitely confuse the two. Though both are considered to be interchangeable, they are not.

Advertising is an integral component of marketing that focuses on the famous 4 P’s of marketing. Where marketing involves, product, price, place and promotion, advertising focuses solely on the promotion aspect of the product. Therefore different marketing tools work to provide a holistic marketing aspect to the business. Marketing is the overall concept that starts from researching the product’s future in a market, to developing it and then reaching out to the customers. The reaching out is done via advertising.


Businesses want to set themselves apart in the minds and the hearts of the audience, therefore it is important to understand the difference between marketing and advertising as both need to be integrated into the business to develop a viable establishment. It is important for businesses to outsource such activities to agencies such as marketing research agencies or advertising agencies to get into the intricacies involving the two concepts. This field requires expertise, even more so today when there is cut throat competition and consumers have multiple options available for themselves.