Difference Between Medic and Paramedic

In the medical world, medic is a term that is applied in general to anyone involved with the world of medicine and paramedic is an individual who is involved with healthcare but provides medical help and assistance only during emergencies and traumas. There is quite a bit of overlap between the roles and responsibilities of medic and paramedic. However, there are also differences that will be highlighted in this article.


Medic is a term that is used frequently in the medical world. It is used by doctors to refer to other doctors. In general, it refers to anyone involved with medicine, whether a doctor or a student pursuing his medical degree. In hospitals and other healthcare centers, a medic is a person who provides emergency medical services and has a post graduate level degree with training in diagnosis and treatment. In UK, in particular, a medic is considered a person who is not a surgeon but is pursuing a profession certified by MRCP. There are also people who think medic is a short form, an abbreviated word for a paramedic. This is a totally wrong perception.


Paramedics are skilled healthcare professionals who are trained to provide emergency care and help to people in hospitals and nursing homes. Paramedics are trained and qualified individuals who can handle emergencies and traumas when there is no doctor available. Most paramedics are deployed in ambulances and other vehicles that are pressed into service to bring sick and wounded into hospitals and other healthcare settings. A paramedic has the responsibility to take quick and most appropriate action that is in the interest of the patient.

A paramedic is seen working along with a lower skilled EMT as a team, but it is only the paramedic who can administer injections. He is required to have a sound knowledge of medications and also the practical sense to administer them in real life situations. Above all else, a paramedic is required to have good judgment and leadership qualities to direct other members of his team. He must have the courage and confidence to take decisions on actions that are necessary to provide relief and assistance to the patient.

Medic vs Paramedic

• Medic is a generic term that is used to refer to a healthcare professional that is seen providing emergency services in a hospital and many people think it to be a shortened version of a paramedic.

• A medic is neither an EMT nor a paramedic.

• A paramedic is a trained healthcare professional who provides emergency care and assistance to the sick and the wounded until the arrival of a doctor on the scene.

• Paramedics are often paired with EMT’s who are less skilled and experienced but work in tandem to perform actions that are in the best interest of the patient.

• A medic can even be an emergency physician or a medical student providing emergency services in a healthcare setting.

• Paramedic receives extensive training and can administer drugs through injections. He is skilled enough to read and interpret EKG’s.

• Paramedics are seen inside ambulances helping patients and providing emergency care to them.