Difference Between Medical and Medicare

If you are a senior citizen or have old parents to take care, it is advisable to have a medical insurance policy to remain prepared for the high expenses that are incurred during hospitalization and treatment of diseases. Medical care and assistance has become very costly in the last few years, necessitating having a financial cover, at least in the old age. While most people know about Medicare as an insurance program funded by the federal government that takes care of hospitalization and medical services, not many are aware of a similar program called Medical. It is possible to have the umbrella of Medical even while having the protection of Medicare. The two programs are different as will be clear after reading this article.


Medicare is a social insurance program that is funded by the federal government. People who make contributions to Social Security are eligible for benefits under this program. There are several parts of Medicare such as Part A that deals with hospital insurance, Part B that provides for Medical insurance, Part C that deals with network plan and finally Part D that looks after the cost of prescription drugs. Medicare is not dependent upon the financial needs of a person and it is available for all people over the age of 65 provided they meet the criteria of eligibility.


Medical is actually Medi-Cal, or in other words a social insurance program initiated by the State of California. It is funded by the state as well as the federal government. This health insurance program looks after the needs of low income group families as it focuses upon people over 65 years of age, pregnant women, poor families and foster care families. The program provides health care benefits to disabled, especially the blind and those who suffer from diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS, or breast cancer. There are people in California who qualify for assistance under both Medicare, as well as Medical. In some instances, assistance under Medical is used to pay premiums of Medicare.

What is the difference between Medical and Medicare?

• Medicare is not a dependent upon the needs of an individual whereas Medical is a need based insurance program.

• Medicare is a federally funded program whereas Medical is an insurance program started by the State of California with funds shared by state and federal governments.

• People in the state of California qualifying for both Medical and Medicare are called ‘dual eligible’.

• Medical is not related with Medicare.

• While both Medicare and Medical focus upon people of 65 and over, Medical is especially designed to look after the health care needs of poor families and people suffering from some special diseases such as breast cancer, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS.