Difference Between Meesho and Amazon (With Table)  

Technology has reached great heights in recent times. With the expansion of technology and the internet, online shopping has made a huge impact on the lives of people. The benefits of online shopping are unending. Meesho and Amazon are online platforms serving a variety of goods to the people.

Meesho vs Amazon

The main difference between meesho and amazon is that meesho provides the opportunity to the newbie e-commerce professionals to sell and resell the products. On the other hand, Amazon sells new products that are manufactured by trusted and approved vendors. Meesho and Amazon differ from each other in various aspects such as pricing, reach, products, etc. 

Meesho is an online platform that provides an opportunity for small businesses to expand their reach through their products. It also serves as an option for the resellers to resell their products through a platform such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. It provides cost-effective products to the consumers in comparison to the other online platforms. 

Amazon is one of the largest online selling platforms and a leading cloud service provider. It sells a bunch of products that are reliable and trustworthy. It was initiated as a bookselling platform but has transformed itself into a big hub selling a variety of products such as books, electronics, clothing, etc.

Comparison Table Between Meesho and Amazon

Parameters of Comparison 



Year of Foundation 




Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Baranwal 

Jeff Bezos 

Price Range 

Low to Medium 

Medium to High 


Sells a limited variety of products 

Sells a great variety of products 


Limited to India 

Expanded all over the world 


Allows reselling of goods 

Doesn’t allow reselling of goods 

What is Meesho?

Meesho is an online reselling platform that helps various individuals to start their businesses online. It is an opportunity for people to start their own business conveniently with zero investment. Meesho sells a variety of products at a very minimal price. 

One unique feature that meesho serves is the opportunity to resell. Being a reseller, one is required to share a listed item through platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram that is mentioned on the meesho portal, and one can earn a reasonable amount of commission on a sales basis. 

The most appealing feature of meesho is that it sells quality products at a very low price. It gained popularity through its clothing material being very reasonable and is selling a variation of products now. 

Meesho was originally started with a tagline of ‘My Shop’ where people can purchase and can also make money by establishing their virtual shop. It has gained an influential market in a very shorter period. 

Meesho also aimed at providing financial independence to women. There are a lot of women working by sitting at their home and are gaining independence by working virtually. In the past few years, Meesho has been able to earn an exceptional benchmark in the socio-commercial era. 

Meesho’s business model work towards competing with the existing online platforms. It is working towards making its delivery time, quality, and other features competitive according to other platforms. 

Meesho’s business model comprises four parties. The first party involved is the seller, who exhibits its products for sale on the portal. The second party is the reseller who works at the reselling of goods through social media. The third party is the meesho application team which serves as the mediator between the seller and the buyer. The last party is the final consumer of the product.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is an e-commerce platform that has been serving a variety of products worldwide for many years. It is an online market for individuals and businesses as well. This platform has been habituated in many countries and is available in multiple languages. 

Amazon commenced its journey as a book retailer, but now it is considered an Orion of e-commerce, logistics, data storage, media, etc. It has become a necessity for modern online shoppers and merchants. It is entertaining plenty of industries in today’s era. 

Amazon provides a variation of products such as clothing, electronics, footwear, accessories, and other wide ranges of product as well. Amazon Kindle is one of the unique products available on the Amazon portal. It is a device designed for e-readers to browse, download, or read online content. It also extends infrastructure and business solutions to businesses and individuals. 

There are various gadgets and devices available on the internet. Devices like Alexa fire tablets are making the lives of people more convenient and enjoyable. It also provides entertainment services such as prime video, twitch, originals, etc.   

Amazon employs various types of transportation services to deliver packages to consumers. Amazon-air is an airline service used to transport bulky packages. Amazon flex is a smartphone application that facilitates individuals to be individual contractors and are authorized to deliver the products. 

Under Amazon logistics, there is a contract between amazon and small businesses which serves as delivery partners on their behalf and delivers products to the consumers. Amazon also provides a ‘Prime’ option to the consumers, which assures the delivery either on the same day or the next day. It has created a huge impact on the lives of the people by making it more convenient.

Main Differences Between Meesho and Amazon

  1. Meesho was established in the year 2015 by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Baranwal, whereas Amazon was founded in the year 1994 by Jeff Bezos. 
  2. Meesho is serving society with very affordable prices, whereas amazon has a high price range compared to meesho. 
  3. Meesho is a new startup and has limited variations of products, whereas amazon is serving people with a wide range of products and services. 
  4. Meesho’s horizon is limited to India only, whereas amazon has its influence all over the world. 
  5. Meesho provides an opportunity to the individuals to resell the products via social media such as Whatsapp, whereas the reselling options are not available on amazon. 


Online shopping has become a trend in this generation. It provides you with the ease of ordering something from your device and getting it delivered to your doorstep. Meesho and Amazon are online portals that provide a wide range of products and services to people worldwide. 

Meesho and amazon are a source of earning for a large number of people. Many people are working on these platforms ranging from the technical team to delivery people, and earn employment from these portals. 

Both the online e-commerce platforms are making people’s lives more peaceful by providing them an opportunity to have something at their doorstep at just one click. It has also accompanied marketers to widen their reach through online selling. 


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