Difference Between Microsoft Skype and Skype

Microsoft Skype vs Skype | MS Skype New Integrated Features

Microsoft acquired Skype in early May 2011 and Skype has become one business division of Microsoft. Skype is a software application for real time voice, video and IM services. People were using traditional PSTN lines for voice communication for long time. Introduction of VoIP (Voice over IP) made the voice market competitive thus call rates came down drastically. At the same time users mind set and needs of face to face calling encouraged the VoIP market to move towards Video over IP. Skype introduced high quality Voice over IP calls and later they introduced Video over IP and other services like IM, file transfer, desktop sharing and many other.


Skype is an application software for real time voice and video and other messaging services for Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Android, Apple iOS, Windows Mobile and Symbian Platforms. Skype was introduced in 2003 and acquired by eBay in 2005. Later in 2009 Silver Lake bought Skype and increased the monthly calling minutes by 150 percent. Skype has around 170 million connected users and increased to 207 billion minutes of usage in year 2010.

Skype was started with Voice over IP and later introduced Video over IP and other related services. Later Skype introduced features to substitute PSTN or home phone services. Skype features includes voice calling, video calling, IM, File Transfer, Desktop Sharing , Call Forwarding, Conference Calling, Skype In , Skype Out , Voice Mail , Ring in Tone, CLI (Caller Line Identification) ,Call Holding and SMS Services. On top of these feature Skype has Skype Services via Mobile Networks with Three (3) Mobile in some countries.

Microsoft Skype (MS Skype)

Microsoft acquired Skype in early May 2011 with around 170 million active users. This would be a good move by Microsoft and they can integrate Skype Services with Microsoft Platforms and Products and at the sametime this acquisition may increase the Windows Mobile Market. Innovative product bundling and product introduction will drive Microsoft further into Voice Business and Mobile Market. Microsoft also has real time product line like Lync, Outlook Messenger and MSN Messenger etc. Skype Proprietary Protocol would be a real value to Microsoft real time product line.

MS Skype may include new features on top of existing Skype features. Single Sign on would be possible feature and easy for users as well. Skype will be integrated with Lync users, Xbox Live, Outlook user communities. Microsoft Skype will become as one stop shop for all communication needs of individuals and corporate.