Difference Between Midget and Dwarf

Midget vs Dwarf

Midgets and dwarfs are human that are short in stature. Human height is determined by various factors. Genetic and Hormonal factors are influencing in the growth of the body. Nutrition is also an important factor which determines the height. When a person in shorter in his height he/she will be named as DWARF. Acondroplasia is a genetic disorder which causes dwarfism in human. Acondroplasia is an autosomal dominant disorder. That means, if you have a acondroplasia gene in your chromosome, you will be a dwarf. Men and women are equally affected by acondroplasia disease. If a parent has acondroplasia he or she can transmit the gene to their children. If a child got the gene, he/she will be dwarf. In dwarfism, the lengths of the body parts are disproportionate to the height. Usually they have short hand and legs. They have more curvature in the lower back.

Growth hormone is responsible for the body growth. GH is secreted by anterior pituitary. The hypothalamus will control the pituitary by GHRH hormone. If the growth hormone is deficient from childhood, that baby will not grow much. This will end up in dwarfism. This condition, if diagnosed early, can be treated by giving GH externally. However if it is diagnosed early, nothing much can be done.

There are other conditions which may cause dwarfism, however they are very rare.

Midget also is a condition where the child is short. However the body proportions are well maintained so they look like a miniature man/woman.

Both midget and dwarfs were identified and seen in literature from long time.

In Summary,

Both midgets and dwarfs are human.

They are short in stature.

Dwarfs are different from normal people as their body is disproportionate and they may have different features.

Midgets have short, but proportionate body.