Difference Between MIS and DSS and EIS

MIS, DSS and EIS are all various kind of Information Systems used by corporates. Nowadays all the companies are shifting their operations completely on the computer systems. They have given trainings to their employees as to how to manage things on the computers by using various kinds of Information systems. These systems enhance the working methodology of any company. But which one to select is the main task. A number of information systems are developed for different businesses, and are installed according to the type of their operations.

What is MIS?

MIS or Management Information System is one of the major types of the computer systems because this system is the head of all the other systems in keeping and controlling them. The major constituent of this system are the employees. Managing the information that is strictly internal for any business and relating it with the employees and managing their functions in every aspect is the job of this system, that is done for the faultless performance of a business. This system is the most important one because of the reason that it helps in making the major decisions for the business and helps the decision makers in making future plans as well. And not only for this purpose, has MIS helped the business people in almost all the operational areas.

What is DSS?

A very important system for any large organization is the Decision Support System, abbreviated as DSS. This system, as the name suggests is ideal for making the right decisions for any business. Decision making is a critical process that involves considering all the major operations, forecasts, activities, planning and management of various functions. This system helps the senior management of an organization to get the required data in no time and process it further to make rapid, necessary decisions. This system not only helps the managers in making the decisions, but also in executing them rightfully. Just one major drawback is observed that is related to the fact that this system is not very good at handling large amounts of data and consequences.

What is EIS?

The EIS or Executive Information System is such type of system that is very sophisticated in nature. We can say that this system also provides the managers with the facility of having the decision making ability by its use. This system works in such critical conditions as well in which the other systems fail to support. Heavy data storage capabilities make it ideal to be adopted not only by the big firms but also by the smaller businesses. Overall this system is for the senior level employees, providing proficient assistance to them in making important decisions.

Difference between MIS and DSS and EIS

The difference between the three systems lies in their functions. The main function of MIS is related to the managing the internal operations and the documents. The DSS helps employees in making decisions even for the daily tasks. The EIS assists the senior level managers in making serious decisions that are very important and critical to make. MIS and the other two systems are still interlinked because of the fact that MIS holds all the documentations that are used by the other two. In the same way, DSS and the EIS are similar in a way that both are focusing on the decision making. The MIS has the feature to be used by the intellectual group that includes the high level and middle level management, as compared to that the DSS is the only one among the three that is used at all the business levels and the information it uses is not only internal but also the external one. Summarizing, EIS is complicated as compared to the DSS and MIS.