Difference Between Mold and Fungus (With Table)

The ecosystem is the system of nature comprising all types of living beings in conjunction with non-living things. Ecosystems contain humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms along with non-living things.

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Main Differences Between Mold and Fungus

  1. Mould is a group of fungi whereas Fungus is a kingdom which includes different types of fungus for example yeast, mushroom, mould, etc..
  2. Mould are multicellular organisms whereas fungus can be multicellular or unicellular depending upon the type of fungus.
  3. Moulds are aerobic but some of the fungi are anaerobic organisms.
  4. Moulds grow best in damp conditions on contrary fungi or fungus can grow in a variety of temperature and weather conditions.
  5. Mould growth can cause damage to buildings, discolour possessions, can cause musty, and unpleasant odour, on the other hand, fungi or fungus can cause illness or diseases in animals and humans.



Moulds and fungus have negligible differences as mould is also a type of fungus. Moulds and fungus are good for the environment as they act as decomposers for the environment.

Both of them are good for humans to some extent and bad too for health. Moulds and fungus are an important part of the ecosystem. Both of them have a large variety of species.


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