Difference Between Motorola Targa and Samsung Droid Charge

Motorola aiming for big hits this year (2011) is introducing some amazing phones including a quad core phone, code named as Targa. Motorola Targa is the first phone we hear with a quad core Nvidia Kal-El (Tegra 3) processor. It is going to be a Xmas 2011 release for Verizon Wireless. While everyone was waiting for the big day of Galaxy S2 release, Samsung silently released Droid Charge to Verizon’s 4G-LTE network. It’s a large and thin device with 4.3″ super AMOLED plus display and measuring 11.7mm. Though it is a 4G phone it is powered by a 1GHz single core processor. So the major difference is going to be the speed, while motorola Targa is powered by a multi core processor Droid Charge by Samsung has a single core processor. The best features of Droid Charge are the amazingly big and bright 4.3″ super AMOLED plus display, the battery life rated with 660min talktime and the pre loaded 32GB microSD card in addition to the 2GB internal memory. It’s also a global phone with international roaming feature.