Difference Between Niaspan and Niacin

Niacin is the vitamin B which is mainly available in plants and animals. Vitamin B is also provided as a vitamin supplement to different types of foods. A number of nutritional supplements as well as vitamins are found to be possessing Vitamin B. Niacin is a medicine which is used to treat the deficit of Vitamin B as well as the triglycerides and chlorides in the blood. Niacin is a great way to decrease risks of a heart attack in individuals who have high cholesterol and have recently suffered from a heart attack.

Niaspan is a medicine used to supply the body with good cholesterol and to reduce the amount of triglyceride or bad cholesterol which is present inside the body. Niacin is included within Niaspan which is known as nicotinic acid. Natural occurrence of Nicotinic Acid has been found in different plants and animals. It is also included in numerous supplements of vitamins. The levels of cholesterol are lowed by the usage of Niaspan which decreases heart attack risk. It is also helpful in treating the hardness of arteries and also slows its process. The level of triglyceride levels is also reduced with the usage of this medicine. Usage of Niaspan is associated with other portions of diet.

What is the difference between Niaspan and Niacin?

People are often confused why their doctor has given Niaspan instead of Niacin which is available for a low amount of money and is thought to be performing the same task. However, they are performing different functions. The importance of safety and effectiveness of the two products is dependent on the way these medicines are metabolized in their body. Niacin is metabolized in two different ways depending on the different types of pathways that they follow. Following one type of pathway results in flushing while the other route results in liver damage. All these problems are caused by the passage of niacin in a faster way through these pathways. Niaspan, alternatively known as Niacin, is a slow working form of Niaspan in which Niacin is released in small amounts which allows these problems to be prevented. Niacin can cause saturation which results in damage to liver. However the slow working formula of Niaspan allows Niacin to be released slowly preventing the phenomenon that can cause damage to liver or in other words, can result in ‘flushing’. Niacin is a fixed amount of Vitamin B which is released in a specific time. However, using Niaspan means that you are using an extended amount of Niacin which allows prevention of damage to liver due to the fact that the first metabolism step is carried out in different way. The purpose of Niaspan is a way to reduce the amount of flushing and the intensity of flushing that is often caused due to usage of Niacin. Niacin is a medicine which is used separately for the purpose that is made solved with the use of Niaspan. Niacin is used solely without mixing it with anything else however Niaspan is used by mixing it with other portions of diet or other medicines sometimes.