Difference Between Nikon and Canon Cameras

While traveling, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is camera, and obviously to have a good camera which can capture the memorable moments. If you talk about the two main brands in the camera industry, Nikon and Canon comes up in the mind. Both are the Japanese companies and the products they offer are not limited to the variety of the cameras only. Cameras are the consumer products provided by these companies, the features and differences are mentioned below.

Nikon Cameras

Japanese products are renowned world wide. Nikon is a Japanese manufacturing brand. The company offers multiple product range. The Nikon cameras are so popular all around the globe, that even new brands introduced to the people are unmatchable to the Nikon camera’s results and feature. The lens the brand offers and its digital photography features are very attractive. The company continuously offers one after the other model of the cameras. Even the company is working in such a way that its products are thought to be as the best one among the market. They have captured a larger share of their market and the products now even include the variety of the cameras that can work under water also. The Coolpix is their digital cameras category that is presently in a large variety and features. Professionally, the products are also utilized by the movie makers. Many of the brands have been discontinued and many new ones are introduced. Outsourcing is also adopted by the firm. The prices range in between $79 to above $5000.

Canon Cameras

Another Japanese made product is the cameras of the Canon Company. This company has been working for years and has offered a lot of models in the camera variety. Apart from cameras they also offer their other digital products. But the main popularity of Canon is due to the variety they offered in their digital cameras range. The outstanding lens results and the superior quality of their cameras make them ideal to use. Film makers even use the products in film making. Not only for the media people, this brand offeres cameras for the people related to all the other sectors. The products are convenient and handy to use. The camera prices ranges in between $89.99 to $4499.99. Not only the importance is given to the lenses inbuilt but equal value is given to the processor installed in the devices.

What is the difference between Nikon and Canon Cameras?

As far as the differences between the two brands are concerned it must be noticed that Nikon is in the market before the Canon brand. It is important to note that Nikon goes out to the public announcing their upcoming offer before time, and Canon is not yet very good at it. It is a very important feature of the Canon brand that it has the capability to use the lenses provided by the Nikon brand, but the opposite of it is not possible as far as the Nikon brand is concerned. The EOS cameras introduced by the Canon brand are proved to be some how better as in quality as compared to the other one. Canon is considered more quick in customer dealing.