Difference Between Ocean and Lake (With Table)

Earth is full of all kinds of resources from minerals like gold and silver to all the elements like carbon that makes up a lot of substances trapped beneath the earths ground from copper to all other substances these all can be found either lying in deep surface or in atmosphere or simply on the habitual surface.

Lake is found between any habitation or people reside near the lake for the continues water source. Lake can be naturally occurring or it may be manmade for tourist attraction and fun activities like boating and rafting.

Lake contains abundance source of fresh water which is perfectly fit for human consumption as well as places where agriculture is the way of living.

There are many types of naturally occurring lake that is, tectonically lakes which are formed when a major earthquake takes place leaving deep cracks on the surface and it fills with water over time. Second are the glacial lakes which are formed when glaciers melt and are found at cold places.

Ox bow lakes are formed when a very high-pressure flowing river cuts out from the main river due to pressure and forms a lake is called ox bow lake.

Lakes can also lead to many diseases like dengue and malaria if river keeps on getting polluted and slows down the water flowing leading to mosquito breeding.