Difference Between Ovulation and Conception

When a couple is trying to conceive, it can be fun without any thought about ovulation period of the woman or her conception. But this applies to cases where both man and woman are healthy, woman does not have any blockage in her fallopian tubes and the man has a healthy sperm count. However there are other factors that contribute to many couples not being able to conceive despite their best efforts. Conception takes place only after ovulation and the two are intricately interrelated. Let us take a closer look.

Ovulation refers to release of eggs from the ovary. There are lots of eggs after ovulation and it greatly increases the chances of getting pregnant. This is why doctors advice intercourse during ovulation and in a period of two days following ovulation. Thus it is very important for a woman finding it hard to conceive to know her ovulation period. You ovulation date tells you when you are most likely to have eggs implanted in your fallopian tubes. The normal duration for this process is 6-12 days after ovulation though most women have eggs implanted between 8-10 days after ovulation.

Doctors have found that the best chances to conceive are 4 days before ovulation to 2 days after ovulation which means that having sexual intercourse in these 6 days has the best chance of a woman getting pregnant. There are other factors such as stress, hard work, mental problems etc. that decrease the chances of conception. These factors could make you forget the best time to conceive, and the next period with high probability of becoming pregnant will come only after 28 days, depending upon your menstrual cycle. Try to know the exact date of ovulation and concentrate to have sex with your partner in the period of two days prior to ovulation till the day you ovulate. To have the best quality of sperms, abstain from sex a few days before this period. This allows for generation of sperm reserves in your man and assures of the best quality sperm for the fertilization of your eggs.

In brief:

Ovulation vs Conception

• Ovulation and conception are closely related concepts; in fact no woman can conceive if she is not ovulating

• For normally healthy man and woman, there is no need to pay any attention to ovulation date but it becomes important for a woman who is not conceiving despite her best efforts.

• Doctors say that having sexual intercourse in the period spanning three days, starting 2 days before ovulation to the day on which a woman ovulates are best for conception.