Difference Between Peas and Beans (With Table)

Peas and beans are filled with nutritious values. Peas and beans are cousins as both of them belong to the family of seeds. They even look similar, but they are different in many aspects. They are not the same, although people often use these two terms as synonyms.

Peas vs Beans

The main difference between peas and beans is that peas are round while beans have a wider variety of shapes. Also, they have different colours. Peas are generally green, and beans are mainly red and white. Beans have various kinds of seeds in their family. Beans possess a solid stem, whereas pea plants have hollow stems.

Peas are a type of beans. They are small, round, green seeds that grow inside pods. Peas are recharged with nutrients. They have fibre, carbohydrate, proteins and minerals. Not only for humans, but they are also used to feed livestock. Peas are harvested mainly in the winter, but canned and frozen peas are available throughout the year.

Beans are usually oval or kidney-shaped and consist of many nutrients. Beans have fibre in abundance and also contains carbohydrates, folate, proteins and minerals. Beans help to reduce blood cholesterol. Beans are part of the daily meals in many countries as they provide plenty amount of nutrients. Dry bean, navy bean and common bean are some of the popular beans.

Comparison Table Between Peas and Beans

Parameters of Comparison




Peas are round in shape.

Beans have oval or kidney shape.


Peas are usually green in colour.

The Colour of the beans depends on their type, mainly it is red or white.


The stem of a pea plant is empty and hollow.

Beans possess very solid stems.

Cultivation time

Peas can only grow in the cold so it is a winter crop.

Beans are summer crops and grow in a hot and warm environment.

Growth pattern

Pea plants have tendrils that twine around a pole to provide the support to grow.

Beans plants need support to grow so they twist around a vertical structure in a spiral pattern to gain support.

What is Peas?

Peas, also known as garden peas, are a type of bean. These charming bead-shaped green beans are enriched with nutrients and minerals. Peas grow inside green pods and can be eaten even raw. Peas belong to the food group of legumes, but generally, it is considered as a vegetable.

Peas have two forms to grow that is pole and bush. Pole shaped peas have tendrils that twine around a pole to obtain the required support.

Peas are vegetable of the winter season as they need a cold environment to grow. Fresh peas are available in winter, and in summer, we can easily get canned and frozen peas.

Peas contain many nutrients, antioxidants and fibre. In peas, the amount of calories is low, and it is high in protein. The rich amount of fibre presence helps to keep the digestive system healthy. It also contains several vitamins and minerals. All the nutrients of peas are vital elements to control blood sugar.

Not merely nutritious for humans, but peas are beneficial to the soil as well. Peas are an extraordinary crop for crop rotations. This process contributes to the restoration of the minerals in the soil. Its other uses are green manure and biological fuels.