Difference Between Pelvis and Hip

Pelvis and hip are two different, but entirely interrelated skeletal parts located in the lower part of the human body. Several bones are arranged to make these strong bony parts, especially the pelvis. Pelvis and hip are very important as they give rigid support to the body by connecting the lower and upper bones, and provide a foundation to the movements of other parts of the anatomy. In addition, these two bones stabilize the body by the distribution of upper body weight evenly.


Pelvis is a large semicircular bone complex, comprised of three bones arranged in a ring, namely; ilium, ischium, and pubis. Ilium is a wing shaped bone, rising on each side of the pelvis. Ischium forms the middle part while pubis forms the base of the pelvic structure. Pelvis is connected to the upper skeleton through the sacroiliac, a fused joint at the connection between pelvic bones and the lower part of the spinal column.

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The main function of the pelvis is to facilitate the movements of the back and the legs. In addition, it helps to distribute the entire weight of the upper body evenly to the legs, which are connected to the pelvis via hip joints. Pelvis also protects the internal organs in the lower abdomen.

Hip Joint

Hip joint forms a ball-and-socket joint between the pelvis and the femur. The ball like head of the femur fits into the acetabulum; the cup shaped part of the pelvis are formed together to make this joint. There is a ligament that connects the femur to acetabulum across the gap between the two bony surfaces, and it stabilizes the joint when the bones move.

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Hip joints are responsible for transferring the upper body weight from the pelvis to the legs. In addition, they have a remarkable range of motion, due to the presence of four sets of muscles and tendons attached to it. It also maintains the body stability during weight- bearing activities.

What is the difference between Pelvis and Hip?

• Hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint between the pelvis and femur, whereas pelvis is a large bony structure located in the lower part of the body.

• Hip joint connects pelvis and femur, whereas pelvis connects the spinal column and legs.

• Pelvis distributes the upper body weights to the legs through the hip joints.

• There is only one pelvis and two hip joints present in the human body.