Difference Between QuickTime and Windows Media Player

QuickTime vs Windows Media Player

QuickTime and Windows Media Player are two most popular media players. While considering the features included in the operating system of a personal computer, the users would like to surf for the media players on which they will be using various Medias. Media can be anything it can be a movie, song, video clip or any tune etc. Featuring the QuickTime and Windows Media Player requires a lot of considerations. Both work for, almost the same purposes but have a range of features available in them, which are quite different from each other. It entirely depends upon the user to have any one of them.

Features of QuickTime

QuickTime works similar to that of the Windows Media player as it also holds a media player in it. Users can use it for viewing multiple sorts of media and they can have a range of in built features of it. The best part of this thing is that it lets the viewer enjoy the media activities in a simpler way-no complications in handling. The media can be run through it, even if it was recorded by a minor cell phone or a professional camera. The level of output that it shows makes it an ideal component of any system. Another major feature that is introduced in its technology recently, is that the users can have the perfect result of media through streaming and another prominent feature that it introduces is the conversion feature. People are able to convert the formats of media through it and can enjoy the fun. People can also edit, crop, add, encode, decode, remove, or even rotate the files.

Features of  Windows Media Player

The features of the Windows Media Player are so vibrant that they provide their fans with all time entertainment. It allows the user to listen to and enjoy all types of media, in which all the songs, video, tunes and movies are includes. It also allows them to enjoy the entertainment fun from the television broadcast. Additionally the users can have the fun part too. The gaming feature is a prominent one, which makes it a recommendable player. Not only adults but the kids are also a fan of this system. It also allows the feature of online music. Then the running of all types of media formats and search option are further major advantages of using it. It also supports the playback function.

Difference between QuickTime and Windows Media Player

QuickTime is the ownership of the Apple Company; they have developed this system for their own usage of Mac OS and also for the public. The Windows Media Player is the product of the Microsoft; they also have made it for their personal usage and for the external usage as well. One of the types of QuickTime is the one that is similar to the Windows Media Player’s only type and its second is not available free of cost and thus, provides some exclusive features. Both the media players have different extensions designed according to their ownership. Like, the first one additionally supports the MOV format, while the Audio or Video of Windows is specifically the extension supported by the Windows Media Player. Other than these differences the similar features are also in a wide range that the users can enjoy by using any one of them.