Difference Between Receiving Blanket and Swaddle

To pacify crying babies and bring them some well deserving rest after they have been awake for some time, wrapping them up inside blankets has been an ancient tradition. This is also referred to as swaddling of babies. Expecting ladies learn the art of swaddling, to make their newborns comfortable and feel like they are once again inside the womb. However, many to be moms and new mothers remain confused when they go to the market and see blankets labeled as receiving blankets and swaddle. Let us find out in this article if there is any difference between a receiving blanket and a swaddle.

Receiving blankets and swaddle are both blankets given different names and used for the same purpose of swaddling. Swaddling is a technique that restricts the movements of the baby by wrapping him inside a blanket so that he gets a snugly feeling of being confined inside the womb of his mother. Receiving blankets are simple blankets that are used to swaddle babies, whereas swaddles are made especially for this purpose and are cut so that they are easy to swaddle the baby. In addition, swaddle may have Velcro so as to make it easier for the mother to secure the baby inside the blanket. With a receiving blanket one has to fold one corner before placing the baby on to the blanket with his head above the level of the blanket.

What is the difference between Receiving Blanket and Swaddle?

• A receiving blanket is a simple square shaped blanket that is smaller than an adult blanket but large enough for a newborn to be wrapped inside it.

• A swaddle is a special blanket made for swaddling babies, and it is usually cut on one of its corners. It also has a Velcro in place to a make it easy for the mom to wrap and secure thy baby inside the blanket.

• Sometimes there is no difference between a receiving blanket and a swaddle and it is only a gimmick of the company to sell its product.

• If a swaddle is cut on one corner and also has Velcro in place, it is specifically to be used for swaddling and is useless once the baby has grown up. On the other hand, a receiving blanket being a simple square warm fabric can be used even when the baby has grown up.