Difference Between Recruitment and Selection (With Table)

Both the terms are related to the process of hiring. Any organisation take the help of these two methods to obtain applicants and then consequently the employees. The two processes are very different from each other and thus not very difficult to trace out. Everyone has to encounter recruitment, but not all the candidates get the chance to reach the selection.

Recruitment vs Selection

The main difference between recruitment and selection is that recruitment is the first thing that comes in the long process of hiring, whereas selection is the last stage of the whole process where favourable candidates get selected to be hired. We can say that recruitment has a positive approach while selection retains a negative approach, as most of the applied candidates get eliminated in this process of hiring.

To find employees for hiring, companies have to go through many processes, and one of them is recruitment. This is the first stage of hiring, and selection is followed by it. Anyone with sufficient qualifications can be a part of this process.

The selection is the ultimate process of hiring. Here the eligible candidates get invited to join the company as employees. To reach this stage, candidates need to go through screening processes and interviews. Not all applicants can reach this final stage.

Comparison Table Between Recruitment and Selection

Parameters of Comparison




It is a process that is performed to fetch applications from the people to hire.

It is a process where applicants get finalized to hire.


In the process of hiring, recruitment comes first.

In the process of hiring, the selection comes last.


Anyone who is qualified comes under this process.

Among all the applicants, only shortlisted people come under this process.


Recruitment includes advertising and interview rounds.

Selection includes shortlisting and hiring.


Fetching potential candidates.

Hiring the fittest candidates.

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is a process that companies undertake to find future employees. Companies advertise their vacancy and accept applications in this process. Anyone who fulfils the requirements and qualifications of the job profile is welcome to be a part of this stage.

In order to reach the selection stage, one has to go through this stage. It is the first stage of hiring. Mainly it is performed by the Human Resource managers. It is a searching method, and it is a long one.

Going through the applicants and shortlisting them for the interview, everything comes under this, and the ultimate result of it is the selection stage. Recruitment can be done in two ways one is internal, and the other is external. Internal recruitment is done by promotion, and external recruitment is done by campus recruitment, advertisement and other methods.

What is Selection?

Many prospective people apply for a job profile. After recruitment, many methods are taken up by the recruiters to find the right person for the responsibility. Selection is the stage where applicants get shortlisted or rejected, and the best-fitted candidates get chosen.

Screening of the candidates, a chain of interviews, tests everything helps recruiters in the process of selection. Identifying suitable employees based on qualifications and skills is the main objective of selection. From the pool of eligible candidates, only a few get to this stage of hiring.

Both recruiters and candidates need to put effort into this procedure. The recruiter has to keep an eye to find a suitable employee, and the applicants also need to prove themselves in order to get selected. With every round passed, the least preferable candidates get eliminated, and ultimately the surviving candidates get selected for doing the job and filling the vacancy.

Main Differences Between Recruitment and Selection

  1. Recruitment is a process that is undertaken by companies and organizations in order to find candidates who are available for employment. On the other hand, the selection is a process where some of those candidates get finalized to get hired.
  2. Recruitment is the first step of hiring for any company as well as for the candidates who aspire to get employed, whereas selection is the last step.
  3. Anyone who matches the requirements of the organization can be a part of its recruitment programme, but not all of them can reach the last step, which is the selection.
  4. The purpose behind the recruitment is to collect CVs from people who are interested in the job profile, and the purpose behind the selection is to fill the vacant employee seats.
  5. Recruitment encourages as many people as possible to rake part, but the selection is a process that subtracts people by rejecting them for the job role.
  6. Recruitment as a process gets used for the identification of potential employees, and selection is the method that identifies the right candidate to hire for the vacancy.


Despite all the differences, recruitment and selection share one similarity, and that is they both attempt to fetch adequate employees for organisations. Everyone who has a job has gone through these two methods of getting employed, and everybody who aspires to get a job will go through these procedures. Everyone can be part of recruitment, but not all can make the selection. The candidates who are not compatible with the job role gets eradicated, and the best ones get the chance to reach the last process to hire, which is selection.

Recruitment and selection ultimately have the same objective, that is, to find the best-fitted employees to accomplish the duties of various job profiles. Only with the right person doing the job accurately, a company can get the chance to thrive. To make a difference in the field of business, a company needs people with skills and knowledge. Both the processes help every organisation to do so. Recruitment gives a company choices of candidates from which they can choose their desired employees, and selection lets them screen through the candidates.


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