Difference Between Reddit and Discord (With Table)

Online communications and growth with digital services and technology became an essential part of today’s world. People from various parts of the world get connected with like-minded people and come up with several solutions to problems. These are the online communities where individuals with common ideas and interests share their opinions and spread knowledge about certain things.

Reddit vs Discord

The main difference between Reddit and Discord is that Reddit is a website that provides information and news about various topics of different fields to gain a brief knowledge about that. On the other hand, discord is a server where individuals from anywhere connect and form a community among them to have proper communication between them.

Reddit is a site that provides news socially which allows users to get aware of the trending news and improve knowledge related to that. It is considered to be a fantastic resource for information on almost every aspect of human knowledge and topics that humans could relate to and would get interested in such news.

Discord is an all-in-one server where individuals can connect, work, learn about various topics and enjoy all together living from different parts of the world. The popularity of Discord is because this server allows players from anywhere to play several official games together and compete. There are many games such as Fortnite and Survivor which allow the servers to interact.

Comparison Table Between Reddit and Discord

Parameters of Comparison




Reddit acts as an information center for sharing and gathering all varieties of knowledge and information by individuals.

Discord is a server where people get the facility to communicate and enjoy all entertainment in a single place.

Founding year

Reddit was founded on June 23rd of the year 2005.

Discord first came into existence on 13th May of the year 2015.

Programming Languages used

Reddit uses the code language of Python and Javascript in its programming backend.

Discord uses many programming languages such as C++, JavaScript, Elixir, Rust, and Python.


It provides features of availing in English and multilingual languages.

It is available in various languages in and around 30 languages in the count.

Supporting feature

It supports offline features and people can use Reddit without having internet connectivity.

It only supports online features and always requires internet connectivity for its work.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a popular social news-sharing platform that provides a variety of knowledge and shares awareness among individuals. Despite its basic and simple interface, a large number of users visit this site daily which maintains the traffic of the site. It is a content aggregator that is selected by the community and works with the thought of having it.

The proper and guaranteed high-quality content about the news being shared is what keeps users coming back to Reddit frequently. Reddit users are incredibly active, and they always have something fresh and interesting to say and share among others so that every individual gets an overview of the topic.

The users can publish their posts and any valuable information on Reddit that they want to spread. Viewers have a choice of appreciating and acknowledging their shared posts by ‘upvote’ or ‘downvote’ depending on how much they like them. When a post receives a lot of upvotes and acknowledgments, it rises in the rankings of posts on Reddit which allows more people to view it and remain in the top position. If it receives a large number of downvotes, it swiftly falls out of favor and is no longer visible to the majority of people and the rank decreases automatically.

What is Discord?

Discord is a multi-purpose free server where audio, video, and text chat service are available and is used by millions of individuals aged 13 and above to communicate and socialize with their friends and communities. People use Discord regularly to discuss a variety of topics, from art projects and family vacations to homework and mental health help. Generally, young generations tend to use the server.

Discord’s main communities are called servers, and they’re usually centered on a single game or topic in which every individual put on their discussion. Anyone who signs up for the app can build a server. There are both private and public servers, with private servers requiring a private invitation to join by the owner of the server to other people and public servers which are open to anybody and do not require any personal invitation.

Bots are the system that can copy the interaction of human beings and perform accordingly. They undertake automatic moderating of different channels of the server, welcoming new members joining the community, and community administration on some servers, which are divided into text and voice channels. There always remains a risk factor that works in any open chat app and social platform. The most effective idea for using discord is to join the community of private servers only where the individuals know any other person at the personal level.

Main Differences Between Reddit and Discord

  1. Reddit is a content and news sharing social public forum where any individuals can put their inputs while discord is a platform for messaging and voice over IP from anywhere present.
  2. Reddit backend works with the programming languages such as javascript and python whereas discord uses coding languages such as elixir, c++, rust, python, and javascript.
  3. Reddit was built upon 23rd June in the year of 2005 and discord was founded on 13th May 2015.
  4. Reddit has the application of working offline but discord can only be used in online mode with internet connectivity.
  5. Reddit is present in English and multilingual languages while discord is available in 30 languages.


Reddit and Discord are the social platforms and public forums that make the individuals solve their respective purposes and they use them accordingly depending on their needs. Reddit is an open forum for individuals to post different content and news that they want to spread.

Discord is a site where people from anywhere connect in a community for various purposes of work-related or any forum discussion and can perform, work, discuss, entertainment in a single place. The main distinction between the two is their difference in the purpose for which person will use that and accordingly to individual’s need it works.


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