Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S 4G and Nexus S 4G

Galaxy S 4G and Nexus S 4G are both are Android based 4G smartphones manufactured by Samsung. While Galaxy S 4G supports HSPA+21Mbps network, Nexus S 4G is for 4G-WiMax network. And Nexus S runs stock Android 2.3, while Galaxy S 4G uses Android 2.2 (Froyo) with TouchWiz 3.0 for UI. Other than for these major differences the specs of both are very much similar. Both are Candy bars and have 4″ super AMOLED display and powered by 1GHz Application processor. The camera, internal memory and many other hardware components are same.

Nexus S 4G

Nexus S 4G like its predecessor, Nexus S is a pure Google device preloaded with loads of Google apps and full access to Android Market. Nexus S 4G runs stock Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and boasts that its users are the first to receive updates to Android platform and also among the first to receive new Google Mobile apps. It’s almost the same design as Nexus S with 4 inch contour display and curved glass screen. The screen is super AMOLED WVGA (800 x 480) capacitive touch. And the processor and RAM also the same, 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird with 512 MB. The best feature of the phone is the integrated Google Voice – you can make Web/SIP calling with one touch and the other is the Voice Action feature, with this you can verbally command your phone to send/read emails, search contacts, call a person even if he is not available in the contact list and listen to music. Nexus S 4G also has mobile hotspot feature, with which you can share your 4G connection with six other devices. Users can get the pure Google Android experience at 4G speed with Nexus S 4G.

The good news for Nexus S and Nexus S 4G users is that Google Voice integration is now built into the Sprint Network. They can use their current Sprint wireless phone number as their Google Voice number without porting their number. With one number users can manage up to six different phones like office, home, mobile. Users also can personalize the settings.

Nexus S 4G is available for US carrier Sprint. It is priced at $200 on a new 2 year contract.

Galaxy S 4G (Model SGH-T959)

Samsung Galaxy S 4G is the first 4G phone from the Galaxy family. Also it is the first Galaxy to have a front facing camera. It’s a welcome inclusion to the galaxy device. There are many other changes in specs too, however when you look at exterior of Galaxy S 4G, it has adopted the same classic Galaxy design.

Galaxy S 4G boast about its 4″ super AMOLED screen with 800 x 480 resolution, which is brighter with vivid colors, light responsive, less glare and has wider viewing angle. The Super AMOLED display is a unique feature of Galaxy S series and consume less power. Galaxy S 4G is said to consume 20% less power than its previous models.

The other features include 5.0 megapixel auto focus camera, 3D sound, 720p HD video recording and play, 16GB internal memory expandable up to 32GB processor, swype technology for text input and AllShare DLNA.

Galaxy S 4G is powered by 1GHz application processor and runs Android 2.2 (Froyo) with TouchWiz 3.0.

T-Mobile is the US carrier for Galaxy S 4G, it supports HSPA+ network. At HSPA+ speed backed by 1 GHz Hummingbird processor browsing is fast and smooth and the call quality also good. The handset also can be used as a mobile hotspot to connect up to 5 devices at HSPA+ speed.

The phone also has a front facing camera for video calling and using the preinstalled Qik application users can make video calls via Wi-Fi or T-Mobile network.

As an added attraction, T-Mobile has preloaded many applications and entertainment packages to both the devices. Some of them are Faves Gallery, Media Hub – direct access to MobiTV, Double Twist (you can sync to iTunes over Wi-Fi), Slacker Radio and the action movie Inception. Amazon Kindle, YouTube and Facebook are integrated with Android. In addtion, users have access to Android Market to download applications

Samsung claims Galaxy S 4G as an eco friendly device, it is said to be the first mobile phone that is 100% biodegradable.

Galaxy S 4G is available with US T-Mobile for $200 with new 2 year contract. For web based applications such as qik and mobile hotspot users need to buy a broadband package from T-Mobile.