Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy SL

Samsung these days is on a drive to launch new smartphones one after another to capture the market in all segments. The latest smartphone to arrive from the stable of Samsung is Galaxy SL that was launched in February 2011. However, it is not an entirely new phone as it has many similarities with Galaxy S. This article will attempt to find out if indeed it is true, and if there are differences that place Galaxy SL in an altogether separate category.

At first glance, when you put both phones side by side, there is hardly anything to choose from. When it comes to dimensions, galaxy SL is 0.6 mm thicker than Galaxy S. While the dimensions of Galaxy S are 122.6×64.2×9.9mm, galaxy SL stands at 123.7×64.2×10.59mm. Samsung has chosen super clear LCD for display in Galaxy SL and does away with super AMOLED screen of Galaxy S. However, this difference is hardly perceptible though many feel that the display of Galaxy S was brighter than that of Galaxy SL. It is being rumored that Samsung has done this because of a shortfall in production of super AMOLED screens. Both smartphones are powered with the same processor (1 GHz). While galaxy S runs on Android 2.1, Galaxy SL runs on Android 2.2, which is only natural with Galaxy SL arriving a little later.

One big difference is in the capacity of the battery. While Galaxy S had 1500mAH battery, Galaxy SL boasts of a more powerful 1650mAH battery. With the battery size remaining same, it is expected that many galaxy S users would switch over to the new battery to have additional talk time. It is because of a more powerful battery that Galaxy SL is 10% heavier than Galaxy S.

There are some other differences as well. While one can make video calls using Galaxy SL, it is not possible with Galaxy S as it does not hold a front facing camera. While Galaxy S allows pop mail, one cannot use this feature with Galaxy SL.

In conclusion, it can be said that for a first time buyer Galaxy SL may be a better choice but for those who already own Galaxy S, it may not be prudent to upgrade to Galaxy SL.