Difference Between Sensory and Motor Nerves

There are three types of nerve fibers; sensory nerves, motor nerves, and connecting nerves. These nerves are allowed to transfer sensory and motor impulses within the nervous system.

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Sensory Nerves

Sensory nerves are quite complex and responsible to carry sensory information from sensory organs to the central nervous system. There are many types of sensory nerves in human nervous system. One type makes the retina of the eye, thus responsible for vision. Another type is responsible for the hearing and balancing mechanisms in the ear. Others are located within the skin, muscles, joints, lungs, and other organs. There are special sensory nerves to detect sensation such as heat, cold, position, motion, pressure, pain, balance, light, taste etc.  The sensory nerve receptors detect the sensation and transmit via sensory nerves to the central nervous system. This process is coordinated by the sensory neurons, which are situated along the nerve conducting pathway.                                                  

Motor Nerves

Motor nerves connect the central nervous system and muscles in the body, through the motor neurons, where the motor nerves are originated. The cell body for each nerve lies in the spinal cord. Each motor nerve connects a specific muscle in the body, and it carries impulses, which causes the muscle to contract. 

What is the difference between Sensory and Motor Nerves?

• Sensory nerves carry sensory impulses from the body to the central nervous system, whereas motor nerves carry motor impulses from the central nervous system to muscles of the body.

• Sensory nervous arise from sensory neurons, whereas motor nerves arise from motor neurons.

• Sensory nerves carry impulses toward the central nerve system while motor nerves carry impulses from the central nerve system.


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