Difference Between Silicone Implant and Saline Implant

Silicone implant and Saline Implant are two terms used in plastic surgery. They are to be understood as two different procedures and not one and the same procedure. It is true that both silicone and saline implants are related to breast implants and they can thus be called separately as silicone breast implant and saline breast implant respectively.

Saline implant has proved to provide firm breasts than the silicon implant. On the other hand the silicone-enhanced breast may look a bit different. Many feel that there is not much difference between the two procedures except that in the case of saline enhanced breasts there is a greater chance of wrinkling seen. On the other hand rippling is not seen much in the silicone enhanced breast implant.

Hence it is quite natural that women with sufficient breast tissue would not go for the saline breast implant. They would prefer the silicone enhanced breast implant on the other hand. In the same way very thin women too prefer to have silicone breast implant done on them.

Saline implants are generally placed inside the body as an empty shell. On the other hand the silicone implants come pre-filled with the manufacturer. Smaller incision is need in the case of saline implants and these incisions would leave smaller scars too. Some women may prefer to have smaller scars as they are considered beneficial.

It is interesting to note that both these procedures, namely, saline and silicone implants are not lifetime solutions, since there is every chance of these implants getting ruptured in due course of time. Medical experts say that any ruptured implant should be removed necessarily. The advantage in the case of the saline implant is that any rupture later could be easily spotted. This is not the case with the silicone implant.

In other words it can be said that ruptures cannot be easily detected in the case of the silicone implant whereas ruptures can be easily detected in the case of saline implant. This is in fact one of the main differences between the two procedures.

One of the chief advantages of the silicone implant is that breasts would have a natural look about them than they are in the case of the saline implant. Wrinkling does not appear in the case of silicone implant. Hence doctors feel that silicone implants have more advantages than saline implant especially in the case of thin women.