Difference Between SLR and Digital Cameras

Those who are fascinated by mesmerizing photos taken by professional photographers are more often than not taken aback by the prices of SLR cameras. Whether you want a camera to capture happy moments in life or have a knack for photography, you have to decide between compact digital cameras or SLR’s. These two types of cameras are very popular indeed but there are many differences between them that will be highlighted in this article to let a buyer make an informed choice depending upon his requirements and budget.


It stands for Single Lens Reflex, and makes use of an automatic moving mirror system that controls and manipulates the light that falls on the lens of the camera. This light then gets focused on the film behind the lens at the back of the camera. This feature means that the user can control different lighting conditions and get better quality images than is possible with simple point and shoot cameras.

Digital camera

As the name suggests, this type of cameras do away with photographic film, making use of an electronic image sensor. The sensor converts light signals into electrical signals that get stored in a memory card in the form of pixels which can be considered as the basic unit of all digital photographs.

Let us look at some of the major differences between these two types of cameras.

SLR vs Digital Camera

• Even the most inexpensive SLR could cost $450 and then you need to buy lens kit which could mean another$100. In comparison, you can easily get a compact digital camera for $200.

• If you want a compact, handy camera, it is better to forget SLR’s that are wieldy and almost twice the size of an average digital camera. However, you can opt for new compact DSLR if you are fascinated by image quality of SLR cameras.

• Though digital cameras can also make videos, the quality of videos shot through SLR cameras are almost movie like. This is because of the ability of the user to change lenses.

• Compact digital cameras have amazing zoom capabilities and if you are interested in taking shots of objects far off, they are better than SLR cameras.

If you are fed up with dim lighting conditions and wish to have professional looking photos, you need to buy a SLR. However, if you cannot change lenses and also do not want to be involved with film speeds, digital cameras are better for you.