Difference Between Socialcam for iPhone and Android

For those who own a smartphone and are also socially active, sharing their photos and videos with friends on net is very common. To make the process easier and simpler, Justin.tv has launched an app for both Android as well as Apple devices that is being hailed as the easiest way to share videos with friends. It is called Socialcam and is simply an instagram for video. Justine Kan of JustinTV felt that though it was technically possible to share videos from a smartphone, emails and SMS’s have size problems while FaceBook and YouTube often fall socially. Socialcam allows users to browse, like and comment on videos uploaded by friends.

Socialcam is a free app available for both iOS and Android based smartphones, and all the user needs is to connect it with FaceBook and the app is ready to let you share your videos in a flash. When you record a video, it begins to upload immediately which means there is no waiting time when you are finally done with shooting. You have the liberty to tag people in the video or add a little information. You can share it with your friends on FaceBook and Twitter or you can send it through email or even SMS. At the moment it is only possible to share a video but Justin.tv is planning on private videos that will be available soon.

The difference between the Socialcam for iPhone and one for android users is that if you wish to delete a video as an iPhone user, you need to go to the website of Socialcam and connect to FaceBook account whereas it is easier for Android users as they can delete the video from within the application.

Since its launch in March, there have been more than 250000 downloads for Socialcam, out of which 3/4th have been by iPhone users. The company has recently launched an update of Socialcam (Socialcam 2.0) exclusively for iPhone users while Android users may have to wait for some more time. The new version allows users to save videos in their iPhone library and also to upload videos that are already saved in IPhone library. There are now more services (Posterous and Tumbir) where you can upload your videos and the upload process has also been streamlined.

In brief:

• Socialcam is a wonderful app launched in March 2011 by Justin.tv for smartphones whether they are Android based or are iPhones.

• Socialcam allows users to upload their videos easily and quickly to share with their friends

• While a new version, Socialcam 2.0 has already arrived for iPhone users, Android users may have to wait for update for some more time