Difference Between Sonogram and Ultrasound

Sonogram and ultrasoundare two terms that are often confused by patients when they are to undergo any test based upon the technology that uses ultrasound waves. Ultrasound is a procedure that makes use of high frequency sound waves to view internal organs and produce images of human body on a monitor. Ultrasound refers to sound waves in a high frequency range that human ear is incapable of hearing. These waves are reflected back by internal organs differently depending upon their location and size and this difference creates an image that is known as a sonogram. So the technical term for ultrasound imaging is sonography.

A sonogram is a medical image produced by ultrasound echo. Incidentally, ultrasound waves were first developed as sonar waves to track submarines during World War I. It was only later in 1950’s that ultrasound waves were for the first time used medically.

Ultrasound, in medical world is a term used to denote the frequency technology to create a cyclical sound pressure at a frequency that is much higher than human ears can detect. Sonogram on the other hand is the term used to refer to the imaging technique that makes use of ultrasound to produce an image of the internal organs of human body. Sonograms are mostly used in gynecology where they create an image of the fetus growing inside the womb of the mother. On the other hand, ultrasound technique is made use of in other fields such as vascular medicine, radiology, cardiology, ophthalmology etc.

Ultrasound waves found other uses beyond the medical field. Though humans cannot hear these sound waves, animals can hear them and various researches done on animals employ ultrasound techniques. These waves are also used in several industries such as cleaning technology, disintegration procedures and even used in humidifiers used in homes. Sonograms on the other hand have no general use apart from being used as an imaging technique.

Sonogram as a technology was introduced much later and ultrasound was developed much earlier. In fact it was the discovery of ultrasound that led to the idea of it being employed to know about the condition of unborn baby using sonograms. Both ultrasound and sonogram are harmless in the sense that they are non invasive in nature.

Sonogram vs Ultrasound

• Ultrasound is the use of high frequency waves to reflect back images of internal organs of human bodies and the technique that produces images is called a sonogram.

• Ultrasound is a broader technology while sonogram is limited to taking images of internal organs and finds use mainly in gynecology.

• It was the invention of ultrasound that led to the idea of using them for creating sonograms.