Difference Between Sperm and Cervical Mucus

Millions of differences you can find between the cervical mucous and the sperm. Same time you can find some relationship between these two also. We will discuss the main differences.

The sperm is a male gamete which is formed by the testis. It is a germ cell. It has the capability to fertilize with ovum and produce an embryo. Sperm production is under control of follicular stimulating hormones and testosterone. Sperm has a head where the nucleus is situated. Below the Head, there is a neck piece, which has mitochondria. Mitochondria will produce the ATP energy for the cell. ATP energy is needed for cell survival and the movement of the sperm. The tail piece mainly designed for active movements.Sperm is produced by the seminiferous tubules of the testis and matured in the epididymis of the testis and stored.

The cervical mucous is secreted by the cervix, which is the lower part and neck of the uterus. The cervical mucus glands secretes the mucus. The mucus secreting cells are under the hormonal control.The thickness will affect the sperm travel through the cervical mucus. After ovulation, the cervical mucus will be thinned. The consistency of the mucus can be checked by fingers.This test will help to identify the ovulation (old method).

In summary,

The Cervical mucus and sperm production are under influence of hormones.

Both are active during the reproductive age of the Human.

Both sperm production and cervical mucous productions are continuous in nature.

Sperm is a special cell which has the capability of reproduction. Cervical mucus is a secretion by the cervical mucous gland.

Sperm produced by males during reproductive age. Cervical mucous is produced by females during reproductive age.

Sperm has tail, it can move its own. cervical mucus is not.

Cervical mucous secretion is increased during the sexual excitation. But sperm production usually not affected by sexual excitement.