Difference Between Sprain and Fracture

Sprain and fracture are two different sides of the same medical problem. Whenever a human body falls with all the pressure and all the force is exerted on just one bone or organ of the body then it is very likely that either that part of the body, the joints or the bones in specific will experience a sprain or a fracture. Both these injuries are immensely painful and the person going through such an injury needs to be taken to the hospital immediately or at least provided with the first aid. Though it is really hard to tell if an injury is a fracture or a sprain at first unless of course the condition of the fracture is way too evident, otherwise only the doctors and medical professionals can distinguish between the two with the help of x-rays and other ways of check-ups.


The fracture of the bone refers to the breaking up of any bone inside the body. The basis of all fractures is usually the trauma or the stress caused due to any reasons including falling down, twisting, blows, collisions, pressure etc. you need to know that there are various forms of fracture, two of the most common ones are simple fracture and open fracture. The simple fracture is one where the bones maybe fractured but they are still stable whereas in the open fracture, the fragments of the bones might be protruding out from the skin. There are several other forms of the fracture which the doctors can distinguish and tell according to the condition of the patient.


A sprain is basically an injury that takes place in the joints of the body usually caused due to the abnormal stretch which is beyond the bearing capacity of the joints or anything similar to that. The many symptoms of the sprain include swelling, bruising, the inability or decreased ability to move the limbs. Basically it is quite confusing to figure out the difference between a fracture and a sprain and this job is technically performed by the professionals involving all the physical examination which might as well include an x-ray. Most often than not, a sprain is caused due to the overextended pressure caused on the muscle joint which in turn can give rise to the tearing, slipping or over stretching of the ligament. Some of the most common sprains are caused in the joints of ankle. Some of the most serious ankle sprains can be extremely painful and also take longer than usual to heal. Sprains are mostly caused to the athletes and people who are involved in various forms of sports.

Difference between Sprain and Fracture

The basic difference between a fracture and a sprain is definitely the extent of the injury. In a sprain, the joints are dislocated whereas in a fracture, the bones actually break up. Fractures take a longer time to heal whereas a sprain, if not that serious can heal up quite early. Fractures are quite painful as compared to sprain and can happen in any part of the bone.