Difference Between Static and Dynamic Testing

Whenever software is compiled it has to be checked for errors and bugs before its execution and during its execution so that the software runs smoothly and provide the expected results. There are two ways of testing newly written software called Static testing and Dynamic testing. Either one of these or both of them are used for testing software depending on the accuracy needed and the budget available. Static testing is done before the software is fully compiled and Dynamic testing is done only after the software is fully compiled and run on a system.

Static Testing

This type of testing of software is carried out before putting the software in action. Static testing is carried out to look for the errors in the algorithms, codes or documents. The errors done during writing the software is checked for correction by using static testing. This testing is done by the writer or developer of the software or testers and is carried out by walking through it, checking the code reviews, or visual inspection.

Dynamic Testing

This type of testing is carried out once the software has been fully compiled and loaded to the system. In Dynamic testing the software is checked for the consistency of the input and output parameters by using another software. This testing analyzes a part of the software at a time to look for the bugs and errors. The software used in Dynamic testing checks the codes of the software to be tested on pre defined standards and check whether the tested software is providing the desired result.

In brief:

Static testing vs. Dynamic testing

• Static testing is a far more scientific and comprehensive way of diagnosing the code of software for errors than Dynamic testing.

• Static testing is much faster than Dynamic testing.

• Static testing is far superior in finding bugs and errors then Dynamic testing.

• As static testing finds the errors before the compilation of the software and can be easily corrected it is much cheaper than dynamic testing.

• The most important difference between these two is that static testing is like preventing software from disease and dynamic testing is like curing software that has got affected by disease.