Difference Between STD and AIDS

STD is an abbreviation of Sexually Transmitted Illnesses. AIDS is an abbreviation of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.


A bunch of ailments that are unfold by sexual activity are referred to as STD. Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia are widespread examples. The STD can also be referred to as VD (venereal ailments). The an infection may be transmitted from one contaminated individual to a different by sexual contact. The STDs are extra widespread in sexually energetic folks, particularly among the many business sexual staff and their clients. The STD may be mixture of infections. Often if an individual bought gonorrhoea, it’s very more likely to produce other STD an infection (like syphilis). The homosexuals have extra probability of getting STDs. The IV drug addicts and the those who practise unsafe intercourse (intercourse with an unknown individual and not using a safety technique like condom).


AIDS additionally primarily transmitted by sexual relationship, although blood can also transmit HIV, the virus inflicting AIDS. AIDS is the illness situation manifest years after HIV an infection. The immune system is affected by the virus. Immune system is the protecting mechanism towards the dangerous infections and organisms. When it’s defected, the infections unfold in a short time and even a non virulent organism could cause an infection. AIDS sufferers normally die due to the opposite infections.

The widespread STDs are bacterial, however AIDS is brought on by HIV (Virus)

A lot of the STDs are actually treatable. They’re much less extreme and normally not life threatening. However AIDS is a killer illness, which nonetheless would not have a healing remedy.

Practising secure intercourse will scale back being affected by STD and AIDS. Protected intercourse practises embrace one to at least one (solely husband and spouse), utilizing condoms (barrier/safety strategies) and so on.

In Abstract,

  • Sexually Transmitted Illnesses are identified briefly as STD; an inventory of ailments will come underneath this class. AIDS can also be one of many illness that spreads by sexual relationship.
  • The widespread STDs are bacterial, however AIDS is brought on by HIV (Virus)
  • STDs are treatable however NOT AIDS. AIDS affected person will die quickly.
  • STDs are normally not life threatening, however AIDS is.
  • STDs (normally) transmitted by sexual contact solely. However AIDS might unfold by blood and blood merchandise.
  • STD is underneath management, however AIDS remains to be a problem to the well being care staff and researchers.