Difference Between Structure and Layout

Structure and layout are two terms that are very important to a web designer as he begins his job of making a website. The overall look of a website is referred to as its design, and structure and layout form an integral part of this design. Normally a website has same layouts for its different pages, but it is also possible to give different layouts to different pages so that the site remains fresh and interesting to a visitor. Structuring refers to the order in which the content appears in a webpage. Of course any visitor would scan all portions of a webpage as he stays for some time on the site, but a web designer can prolong the stay of a casual visitor to a site through his creative style of structuring and layout.

The importance of structure and layout is not limited to aesthetics alone. Any website that has a decent structure and layout is not only easy to carry out maintenance; it is easier to find for search engines also. If designer does not pay heed to logical sequencing of content (structuring), his efforts may go in vain as howsoever attractive a site may look; it always remains difficult to maintain such a site.

Sticking to the basics and keeping the structure simple is the best a designer can do to a website. Its good to be imaginative, but the design should not be too complicated for a visitor. It is a good idea to organize the files in a structure that reflects the layout of the site and is followed throughout the site so that there is no shock value and the surfer feels confident when going through your web pages.

In brief:

• The designing of a website has two important aspects known as structure and layout

• While layout pertains to number of lines and paragraphs, structure refers to the order in which content is placed so as to make it easier for any surfer to grasp the content.

• A simple yet interesting structure and layout ensure that a casual visitor spends more time on the site.