Difference Between Tablet and Smartphone

Tablets and Smartphones are two of the most popular mobile devices today. Technology is advancing at a furious pace and the demarcations and distinctions between gadgets is getting blurred. It was the concern for portability that laptops were created which soon gave way to notebooks that were smaller and had lesser processing powers. In the field of mobiles, smartphones were invented that allowed enhanced multimedia experience. But it was the invention of tablets that revolutionized the entertainment world. These tablets are a cross between smartphones and laptops as they provide rich multimedia experience and at the same time allows a user to have computational capabilities.

Tablets are also called slates as instead of the traditional laptop designing of a briefcase, they do not have a separate keyboard and a screen. They make do with virtual keyboards and do not have a screen hinged with a physical keyboard. They are much smaller in size than laptops being 7-10 inches in size thus being very portable and handy. These were especially useful for highflying executives and students to take notes in classes and to connect to the internet to get relevant information. Tablets, though can never take the place of phones, neither the laptops. Though they have bigger screens than smartphones providing a better experience while watching movies or reading e-books, they cannot be used to make calls like smartphone. They are also incapable of performing the type of tasks that are normal on a laptop.

Smartphones are phones, which laptops and tablets are not. They also have a much smaller screen size, though of late there have been smartphones with huge screen sizes (as large as 4.3”). Personally speaking, tablet PC is more of around the house device having a large screen and connectivity that lets you do a lot of cool stuff but as described above, it remains a cross between a smartphone and a laptop as it shares many of its functions with a laptop as well as a smartphone. Smartphones are basically mobile phones, are smaller in design, and are also less expensive than tablets.