Difference Between TIA and Stroke

TIA and Stroke are both medical conditions related to brain. TIA is an abbreviation of Transient Ischemic Attack. In this condition the brain suffer a temporary deficit in blood supply to the brain and the ischemia causes the symptoms. The brain controls the body movements, speech, vision, hearing and sensation. In TIA these may be affected. Depends on the site of the brain which suffers with low blood supply, the symptoms vary. Usually limp weakness, slurring of the speech or blurring of the vision are the sysmptoms. These symptoms will recover with in 24 hours and no residual damages left. The blood supply may be less due to sudden narrowing of the vessels ( Spasm) or blockage by the atherosclerosis thrombi (cholesterol deposition). TIA may be a alarming sign of a stroke. The Patients with TIA has a great chance of developing Stroke. Usually TIA and stroke are manifest at the older age of life. However the people with high cholesterol and strong family history will develop the condition early in the life.

Stroke is a permanent brain damage due to poor blood supply to the brain tissue. Its a medical emergency. The ischemic type of stroke due to artery occlusion due to cholesterol deposition. With that suddenly blood clots formed and the brain suffer with no blood flow and ultimately brain dies. The functions of the brain is lost as brain dies. So the patient will develop inability to move the limps, inability to talk, vision lost/blurring. These damages are permanent.Another type of stoke occurs specially in hypertensive patients. The blood vessles will burst inside the brain and blood leak out from the vessels. This also cause poor blood supply to the brain and the blood leaked from the vessle will cause pressure on normal brain tissue and increase the intra cranial pressure. Both worsen the condition and permanent damage will be resulted. Stroke patients are bed ridden for their life. Treatment to the stroke is to support the life. The damages cannot be reversed by the treatment. Preventive measures are important in stroke as it carries grave prognosis (Bad outcome). CT or MRI will help to find out the extend of the brain damage.

Controlling blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol level will be helpful to prevent stoke as well as TIA. TIA patients will be given prophylactic treatment to prevent the stroke. Stopping smoking also vital in the preventive measures.

In summary,

• Both TIA and stroke are due to poor blood supply to the brain.

• Stroke is a medical emergency and its a life threatening condition.

• The symptoms of TIA and Stroke may be same but TIA symptoms will recover with in 24 hours.