Difference Between Toast and Snackbar (With Table)

Toast and Snackbar are a kind of message which usually works as a reminder for users. Toast is defined as appearing of messages for short time. It gives you current information about the page which you are using. It does not require users’ action. Snackbar is a major part of messages in android that appears at the bottom of the page. It gives you the option to select, as it demands users’ attention or review.

Toast vs Snackbar

The main difference between the toast and snack bar is that the toast messages cannot be closed, as it closes by themselves without the need of users. On the other hand, snack bar messages can be turned off at users’ instructions. Toast message gives an alert or information about the current page being used, which helps us to run an app. Snackbar opens an options box to instruct you on the movement of the application.

Toast is an arrived message which gives you the information in a short message for a minimum time. It only shows the messages to indicate you a right path. Today, it is connected to different applications. It came into action in 2012 in Cambridge. The CEO of the toast software is Chris Comparato. It is a medium of alerting as well as messaging the notice. It does not depend on the users, as it disappears involuntarily.

Snack bars have usually inserted a message in the text form and do not contain any icons. It denotes the short messages. Recently, it is used widely on different platforms. These messages work a lot for the users, as they give warning from several irregular facts. Mostly, it displays 4 to 10 seconds on the screen. It appears as the blinking of messages.

Comparison Table Between Toast and Snackbar

Parameter of Comparison




Its main role is too visible the message’s feedback.

The main role of a snack bar is to receive the action of the user.


Toast messages cannot be removed by users.

While the snack bar can be turned off by users.


It appears anywhere on the screen.

Snackbar messages are shown down on the screen.


The messages are visible for a short time.

While the snack bar messages are shown unlimited times.


These messages do not contain an option box.

Snack bars contain the option box.

What is Toast?

It is the message which gives us feedback on the current presentation. This message works a lot for the users. By these messages, the user is confident that they are doing work perfectly.

It is not a kind of permanent message. It is easy to understand toast messages with the help of examples. During the use of applications, the message is seen like “Details saved”, or ” The server configuration changed”.

Such types of messages which visible on the pages of an application. Usually, it is not seen in a fixed place, but it occurs anywhere.

Toast messages can create in android by adding some major steps like text messages, time to show, and at last the context of an application.

These messages cannot stop by the users. It is a brief message. It is visible for a minimum of 2 seconds and a maximum of 3.5 seconds.

The main feature of toast messages is exploring the response of the current page. Toast messages understand us in simple languages. It has only involved the text instead of icons.

The visible notification on the screen does not demand action. It is possible to close the toast messages. It is the perfect way to explore a major reaction through the toast messages.

These messages do not include complexity. Today, it is used in different systems to unify the process.

What is Snackbar?

Snackbar messages are rare and a simple kind of message which demands users’ review. Through this, the user gets an option to choose.

Generally, the messages are like alertness or response according to an application. It is a kind of toast message.

It gives the best feature in options which is “Undo”. By selecting the undo button, it restores the messages which are deleted. It is a short as well as simple message.

It is free from icons. Snack bars include a text label, container, and action. A text label involves declaring the function of the process to users.

Next, the container means the box where the messages are seen. It displays in a grey color. Finally, the action which demands users’ response to select one.

It is the major section of messages which is available in almost every application. Whenever the mail is deleted, a box is displayed in which it says; ‘Message deleted’ with the ‘Undo’ button.

It is added in API level 23. Snackbar messages keep coming up automatically. We get a lot of ideas by looking at Snackbar messages. It is a very good way to alert.

Main Difference Between Toast and Snackbar

  1. Toast is seen anywhere on the screen. While the snackbar is available at the bottom of the screen.
  2. It is shown for a minimum period. Thus, the snackbar is visible infinitely.
  3. It is free from an action box but snackbar messages include the option box.
  4. Toast messages cannot be controlled by the users but snackbar messages are in hands of users.
  5. Toast messages are introduced in API 1 and after that snackbar is introduced in API 23.
  6. The message is not stopped by swiping while the snackbar message can be off by swiping.


The topic “Toast and Snackbar” delivers a point of view that the toast messages are used to be free from users interface. While the snackbar message has included the requirements of users.

Snack bars make a sense of action. It allows the user to give a reaction. Both of them are used in expanding form.

It comeback the best response to alert us. Through this message, it becomes easy to relate the ideas of instructions. It is designed for helping users.

The points should be noted that the toast and snackbar messages are different. The toast messages cannot be managed by users. On the other hand, the snackbar message participates in the user’s review. It performs very well in the field of android systems.


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